Dexpot creates virtual desktops/workspaces… with virtual eye candy

Anyone that has ever taken part in an operating system discussion (i.e. Windows vs. Mac OS X vs. Linux) must have experienced how Linux users often cite “features” Linux has that Windows doesn’t. Multiple virtual desktops/workspaces is one of these features; Compiz (an “eye candy” tool for Linux) is another such feature. However, Windows users have no need to buckle down and give into the Linux madness (I say madness in the most loving and affectionate way possible). As discussed oh so long ago, Dexpot – a product of German semi-genius – is a tool that brings the virtual desktops/workspaces feature to Windows. Flash forward 19 months and a few program updates, and Dexpot is better than ever; not only does Dexpot give users the ability to use multiple virtual desktops/workspaces, but now it also mimics the 3D cube eye candy of Compwiz. Be prepared to be Linux-ified:

When it rains, it pours because Dexpot not only brings the 3D cube goodness of Compiz, but it also integrates with Windows 7’s Aero peek switcher, allowing users to easily switch between virtual desktops:

If you aren’t fortunate enough to be on Windows 7 (my sincerest apologies — especially if you are on Vista), you’ll have to use the system tray icon to switch between virtual desktops.

Do take note, however, you must enable the 3D cube effect via Dexpot’s system tray icon (right click –> “Plugins and Extras” –> check “Dexcube” box); and if you are on Windows 7 and Aero peek wasn’t automatically enabled, you will need to enable that from the same screen.

Dexpot has a whole bunch of other cool features, such as creating custom commands involving mouse clicks on window title bars, that this article doesn’t cover; Ashraf’s previous article discusses many of these cool features, so be sure to read that if you are interested. I just wrote this article to say: Dexpot is cool! Give Dexpot a try (if you haven’t already) — it will help improve work ethic (virtual desktops help you keep focused), increase efficiency (see previous point and relate), and make your computer look be futuristic.

Version reviewed: v1.57 Build r1394

Supported OS: Windows XP/Server 2003/Vista/Server 2008/Win7

Download size: 3.9 MB

License limitation: Free for “private use” only

Dexpot homepage [direct download]

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  • @Samuel: As long as you like what you have :D

  • @Locutus: Just read the orignanal review and that did answer my last question of how they do it, and the answer is the making the cheep o way not cheep! I’ll stick with Desktops for now, main reasons being I’m lazy and that I find my self really needing to use Desktops at all!

  • @Samuel: You mean without all the eye candy? Sure! In fact Ashraf covered that in his first review:

  • I’ve been using Sysinternal’s Desktops for doing this…nothing against Eye candy and all that but Desktops does what it needs to, so for now I’ll keep it. One thought though is if Dexpot does the multi-desktop like Desktops or like the other cheep o ones I won’t use?

  • How does this work with Display Fusion on a 2-monitor system, one monitor portrait the other landscape?

  • o(o.o)o

    Loved this app even before they implemented the 3D cube effect. Stopped using it on the desktop though when I got myself one more monitor. Will be installing it definitely on my win7 laptop just for the wows I’ll get when I use the cube desktop feauture :lol:

  • @Matthew W: What tricks did you do to make it work with Aston?

  • Jyo

    Can’t believe I missed this in the past. It’s definitely eye candy alright. Thanks for bringing it up again.

  • Jabtano

    It’s not bad there was a program in flash that did this for XP at one time. this worked rather well.

  • Hi,

    AltDesk (GAOTD today) is in the same vein, no?
    Which do you recommend for a first use?

  • Quite nice once I got it to work with Aston.

  • Its Terrific !!!!!
    really terrific…. :p