How to set up Apple Pay on Apple Watch [Tip]

Apple Watch Apple PayWith the economy in most parts of the world taking a downward spiral in recent years, tech giants such as Apple probably could’ve asked for better timing with their new Apple Pay technology. Not only do people not have much spare money to splurge out and shop, but learning a new way to pay is also creating unnecessary anxiety. Maybe that’s why they did wait longer than Google did with Google Wallet, or maybe they did just pick up the dusty plans from behind closed doors and finally decide to create Apple Pay because they simply couldn’t before. Whatever the real story is, Apple Pay is now here and so is the Apple Watch.

Thanks to built-in NFC, the Apple Watch is perfect for making wireless payments on the go. Furthermore, unlike many of the other reasons for owning the Apple Watch, you don’t need to be within range of pairing the iPhone with it to get the Apple Pay feature working. If you want to learn how to set up Apple Pay on Apple Watch, follow the guide after the drop.


You need to set up Apple Pay at home and with your credit or debit card before heading out and trying to use it at the mall. It requires a bank verification process that takes time. You don’t want to be standing in line waiting for that.


1. Turn on and unlock the Apple Watch.

2. Launch the Apple Watch application on the iPhone by tapping the icon with your finger.

3. From inside the app, tap your finger on the “Passbook and Apple Pay” option.

4. Choose whether you wish to use a credit or debit card from the next screen.

 You don’t need to have a debit or credit card registered with iTunes or Apple yet to proceed from here. You will just be required to scan the new card of your choice with help from the iPhone’s camera. You must fill in the rest of the information that’s asked regarding the card details, as well as the security code on the card.

5. Tap the “Next” button on the screen after you are done entering the details and wait for the final verification steps to finish with your bank. Before long, your bank should verify your account and that it is OK to use with Apple Pay.

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