How to root T-Mobile LG G4 on Android 5.1 [Guide]

LG G4Some expert members over at XDA Developers have come up with a way with which all LG G4 variants can get root access now thanks to a new tool. Up until now, it was only the international variant of the G4, which was up for grabs with a different method.


  • You must have the T-Mobile variant to use this guide.


  • Download the LG USB drivers for your computer and install them before connecting the smartphone.
  • Download the ADB and fastboot drivers on your computer.
  • Download the rooting package you need for T-Mobile handsets.
  • Download the Send_Commands tool here.
  • Do not try using this guide on the Verizon, International or AT&T variants.


  1. Extract the root package to your computer. You should find the .img file inside.
  2. Transfer that image file over to the internal SD card. Make sure it’s in the root folder and not inside any other folder.
  3. Extract the Send_Commands tool to the computer. Notice the Send_Command.exe file and the ports.bat file.
  4. From the same folder that contains the Send_Command file, open the command prompt window by right-clicking the mouse and holding the Shift key. Now choose to open the command prompt windows from the menu.
  5. Have the G4 disconnected from the computer and reboot it to Download Mode. Completely power it off, re-connect it to the computer while holding Volume Up.
  6. Double click the Ports.bat file and check which ID port your G4 is connected to on the computer.
  7. Type the command “Send_Command.exe \\.\COM3” if you connect to COM 3 and alter the number in the code to what number you are connected to if not number 3.
  8. Type “id” followed by pressing enter.
  9. Check you get the command “text ‘uid=(0)root gid=(0)root’”. If you do not get that command, it’s important to go through the command line steps again until you get success.
  10. Type the last command “dd if=/data/media/0/system.rooted.H81110h.img bs=8192 seek=65536 count=548352 of=/dev/block/mmcblk0” and you’re done.
  11. Wait for it to root your smartphone and enter the “LEAVE” command to finish. Your handset will reboot and you are ready to flash a custom recovery if you need it.

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