How to send a sketch from Apple Watch [Tip]

Apple WatchThere might be some times when you want to show off your art skills, or when a standard text message doesn’t cut it. For those times, you want to draw a sketch from the Apple Watch. While the watch face itself is small, it still leaves ample room for most sketches that don’t require any of Michael Angelo’s finest work. Here’s how to draw from yours:


  1. Press the button on the side of the Apple Watch in and turn the digital crown.
  2. Tap over the friend’s name of whom you’d like to send a message.
  3. Tap your finger over the digital touch button below their picture.
  4. Use your friend to start sketching on the watch display. You can only do this if the recipient has an Apple Watch also.
  5. Tap over the colors in the top right corner to adjust the colors in your strokes.
  6. Because the face has limited UI, there’s an automated feature in the software that send the sketch when you finish.
  7. It might take a few turns until you gather some chemistry with the sketching to better understand when it will begin to send a drawing after you stop with the sketching, but I’m sure your friends will love all the ones that are sent as complete.

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