How to add startup sound on Mac OS X [Tip]

Mac OS X El CapitanWe showed you yesterday what you need to adjust the apps on a Mac startup and now we are soothing our eardrums to change the sounds. While adding a startup sound isn’t as important as choosing the apps in most people’s eyes, there are few arguments against the importance of human happiness and how important it is to productivity.

If something as simple as adjusting the startup sound on Mac OS X is a feature you find appealing, check the guide after the drop for how it’s done.


1. Launch the ‘Automator’ from the Applications folder.

2. Click the ‘New Document’ button.

3. Click the ‘Applications’ from the menu on the left.

4. Click the ‘choose’ button.

5. Find ‘Run Shell Script’ from the list and drag it over to the right side of the screen to where it says “drag actions or files”.

6. Type ‘Afplay’ in the text area.

7. Include the path to the sound you want to use.

8. Click the ‘run’ button and test out your new sound.
– click OK if you see the message alerting you that it will not receive input when run inside Automator.

9. Save the file from the file menu with a name you will remember. Save it in the Applications folder.

Now follow the guide on how to add a startup item on Mac to get that sound working.

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