How to block calls and messages on iPhone [Tip]

iPhone 6It’s tremendously challenging attempting to block somebody from emailing you. That’s never more apparent than when you have somebody on the other side of the globe continually sending you emails so your iPhone pings you every five minutes. These cases are not rare. Sometimes we don’t think through the new technology we create, and solutions to new problems don’t often go hand-in-hand without further developments.

Blocking a phone call has always been much easier. You might remember growing up before smartphones were around and your parents were already figuring out ways to block calls coming to landlines. Similar solutions carried over to the smartphone technology too. In truth, there are multiple ways to block calls nowadays and we’ll show you the way in which we think is the easiest below for iPhone users. Let’s check it out:


1. Launch the Settings app from the Springboard.

2. Tap ‘Phone’ from the Settings list.

3. Tap ‘Blocked’ from the phone list.

4. Tap the ‘Add New’ option.

5. Enter the phone number you wish to block, or simply select the contact name you already have saved.

6. If choosing a contact, it will block all numbers from that name automatically. You can edit that if you prefer just blocking one of those, or not all of the numbers coming from that one name.

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