How to use alphanumeric characters to set a stronger iPhone passcode [tip]

Passcode iPhone 6Some of us live our daily lives without having any passcode lock on our displays. Others have passwords on but people around them know how to unlock it at any time. A minority of us continually changes the passcode to make sure nobody around them can possibly crack the code and access our super-confidential data.

If you are borderline paranoid about somebody cracking your passcode, or if you live under a specific set of circumstances where the standard security levels of an everyday password using 4 numbers isn’t good enough, you might be interested in learning more about alphanumeric passwords. These passwords offer a combination of characters, that when used correctly, makes the device much more difficult for a hacker to crack open.

It’s cool just to have it; it’s essential for others who can ill-afford anyone getting in and seeing their data. Here’s how to do it:


  1. Launch the Settings app available from the Springboard
  2. Tap the ‘Touch ID and Passcode’ option.
  3. Enter your pin code as standard security protocol.
  4. Change the ‘Simple passcode’ toggle to off.
  5. Enter your code once again as standard security protocol.
  6. Those without a passcode set earlier can choose the ‘Turn Passcode on’ option.
  7. Enter the new password combination which uses letters, numbers and symbols.
  8. Re-enter the same passcode so the iOS software can confirm you didn’t make a typo mistake the first time.

Now when you see your passcode unlock screen, you’ll notice a new keyboard that shows the additional options to key in and select.

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