How to root Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge with Skipsoft Toolkit [Guide]

Samsung Galaxy S6There’s a new rooting method available for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Skipsoft is a new rooting toolkit that lets you install a custom recovery, root, backup data, install BusyBox, install drivers and more. Furthermore, it’s available for all major phone carrier networks in the US, including Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge subscribers to Sprint, T-Mobile and US Cellular. Other Edge models such as the global version, the Canadian version and the Singaporean/Malaysian/Indian variant are all supported too.


  • The guide works for more device than just the S6 Edge, but not all devices out there. Visit the link dropped in the guide and check the full list of compatible devices before attempting to root your device with this toolkit.


  • Turn on the smartphone and navigate to the Settings > About Device and tap the build number seven times to unlock the Developer Options menu.
  • Once you have the new menu enabled, enter it from the Settings. From inside the Developer Options, you ought to enable the USB Debugging Mode.
  • You probably are voiding the warranty by following this guide and your chance of sending the device away for free repairs is slim.
  • You don’t need to fret too much about the battery, since the smartphone is connected to the computer to use the toolkit. The computer should have USB charging working for your device.


  1. Head to the official Skipsoft website here and download the link.
  2. Download and extract the file directly on the desktop.
  3. Double-click and run the program. leave it open for the next steps.
  4. Connect the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge to the computer that has the file waiting.
  5. Since the tool was already running before you connected to the computer, it will pick up your device.

Now just follow the on-screen instructions and you’re done.

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