How to download OnePlus 2 USB Drivers for Windows PC [Tip]

OnePlus 2If you negated the prestigious sign up program and ¬†decided to dabble in the uniqueness of the OnePlus 2, you might be looking to connect the handset to a Windows computer. You probably won’t get far without adequate USB drivers for the computer. With the proper drivers, the software on the computer can successfully connect with the smartphone and whatever tools you are using should work. There are a few common reasons for connecting the handset to the computer, such as gaining root access to the OnePlus 2.


  1. Download the ADB installer from this XDA thread.
  2. Extract the file and run the executable file from within the unzipped folder.
  3. You should see a basic program open with a blue background and a title, namely “15 seconds ADB installer”.
  4. Connect the OnePlus 2 handset to the same Windows PC that has the 15 second ADB installer.
  5. Open the Device Manager.
  6. Look down the list until you see “portable devices” or “other devices” and click to open the hidden devices connected.
  7. Right-click the mouse over the ADB Installer.
  8. You should see “Update Driver Software” as the first option from the new menu.
  9. Click that option and wait for the next screen.
  10. Choose “browse my computer for the driver software” and not the automatic option.
  11. Choose the “let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer” option.
  12. Choose Android Device/Android Interface — whatever the one on your screen says.
  13. Select the “Android ADB Interface” from the next screen.
  14. Click the Next button and wait for the drivers to be installed.

That’s it! Your device should now have no worries connecting to the Windows computer from now on. Your computer might require a reboot to get things working.

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