How to unlock Huawei Honor 7 bootloader [Guide]

Huawei Honor 7Unlocking the bootloader of any Android device is the first step to take when wanting to tinker with the operating system — most commonly to gain root access to the internal system and install root-only apps from the Google Play Store. Unlike most rooting and custom recovery guides that use third-party developer tools, unlocking the bootloader is always done with the help from the manufacturer. Since we know Huawei issues the steps found below, there’s little risk associated with the following guide.


  1. Download the Huawei Product ID Generator from this link.
  2. Unzip and run the tool on your Windows PC.
  3. The this code: “HUAWEI Y3000-0000” where it asks for your product model.
  4. Enter the IMEI1 or MEID number.
  5. You’ll now get a code after applying the details. Copy that code by highlighting the text, right-clicking and selecting the copy option.
  6. Log in to this page and accept the unlocking terms and conditions.
  7. The next screen will have your smartphone details. Fill them all out appropriately and then move to the next step.
  8. Click on the blue ‘Submit’ button and the site will provide you with the unlock key. You will now have the code available in red writing.
  9. Click this page and use the same codes from the previous page.
  10. Now just follow the on-screen commands to finish the unlocking procedure.

Now that you have unlocked the bootloader, you are ready to start thinking about installing a custom recovery and getting root access.

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