How to unlock bootloader on OnePlus 2 [Guide]

OnePlus 2Unlocking bootloader on OnePlus 2 is the single most important part to get your custom operations kicked off if you want to explore what else is out there in the Android world apart from running a stock ROM. Once you unlock bootloader on OnePlus 2, you will be able to install a custom operating system. That means swap your current Android stock ROM that comes with your device for a custom ROM made by third-party developers. So, if that sounds good to you, learn how to unlock bootloader on OnePlus 2 after the drop.


  • You can only the bootloader on just about every Android device by following a guide on the web. However, this guide is made specifically for the OnePlus 2. You cannot unlock any other device apart from the OnePlus 2 by following this guide.


  1. Check to make sure the USB Debugging Mode is already enabled on your OnePlus 2 smartphone so it can talk to the computer without any trouble. Tun on the smartphone, head to the Settings, followed by Developer Options. Once you tap in the Developer Options menu, look for the USB Debugging box and make sure it is not empty.
  2. Stay within the Developer Options menu and check the OEM unlock option is on. We need this option on for the bootloader to unlock. For those who are not currently in the Developer Options menu, you can find it here: Settings > Developer options > Enable OEM unlock.
  3. We advise taking a backup of your device before starting. Unlocking the bootloader will wipe all data. You cannot restore that data unless you have backed up. That means everything from contacts, photos, settings, apps; the lot.


1. Setup ADB and Fastboot by installing the Android SDK on your Windows PC. We have the perfect detailed guide for settings up ADB and Fastboot on WIndows.

2. Open the folder where you have ADB and Fastboot in a folder.

3. Right-click the mouse and press the Shift key with that same folder open, anywhere you see an empty white space.

4. Doing so will present a new menu. Click on the option that says “Open new command window here”.

5. Now that you have the command prompt open we are going to type some quick commands. Let’s start with this: “adb reboot bootloader”.

6. That should check your device is connected. Those without a connection should download the drivers and try again.

7. Type the second command: “fastboot oem unlock”.

8. Wait for your device to reboot and type the next command:

“fastboot oem device-info
Unlocked Bootloader will yield the following output:
(bootloader) Device unlocked: true”

9. And now the last command: “fastboot reboot”.

That’s how you unlock bootloader on OnePlus 2 smartphones. Your device will now reboot and you are ready to start thinking about that root access you’ve always wanted once it’s done. You still need to learn how to root the OnePlus 2 smartphone in order to gain those rooting privileges. Correspondingly, you might be interested in installing TWRP recovery on the OnePlus 2 to have a custom recovery for flashing custom ROMs.

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