How to root Haier Pad Mini (PAD-D85) on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean/4.4 KitKat [Guide]

Haier Pad MiniThe following post will guide you through the steps on how to root Haier Pad Mini (Pad-D85) running any software version that it has available, ranging from Android 4.3 Jelly Bean through to Android 4.4.X KitKat. We don’t predict this mobile device gets Android 5.0 Lollipop, but if it does, it will likely work for that also. The great news is that you can always give it a try at least, using this rooting method because you cannot brick the device. When trying to root Hiaer Pad Mini, the KingRoot tool will either tell you there is a working rooting method or there isn’t. That eliminates any chances of clicking a button that would have otherwise bricked down your internal system.

The beauty of using KingRoot to root Haier Pad Min is that you don’t need to be an advanced Android user. Since the app will let you know if it can root the device or not after you tap the ‘Try to Root’ button, you cannot accidentally brick your device. There is no going forward with the attempt to root the internal system of the Haier Pad Mini unless the KingRoot tool says it’s possible. That means it takes away any chance of human error, whereby we would normally go ahead with rooting when we shouldn’t.


  • The following guide lets you root Haier Pad Mini without a PC. However, if the mobile app we are using doesn’t work for you, the KingRoot team advises you give the desktop version of the same app a try. You’ll need to download that separately.
  • The following guide is only recommended to root Haier Pad Mini.  The same KingRoot tool does work for other devices; however, we cannot be sure unless we know your model number. The KingRoot tool works for most Android devices, but not all of them.


  • Head to Menu > Settings >Security and turn on Unknown Sources. It will allow you to install apps that are outside of the Google Play Store.


  1. Download the KingRoot rooting tool from the official XDA Developers thread for the tool.
  2. Install the APK on your device using a File Manager. Some device’s come with a File manager built in, others need to get one downloaded from the Google Play Store. You can find free, open source options if you don’t want to spend money on any applications from the Google Play Store.
  3. You’ll find three new apps available from the app drawer once it’s done. The one we want to use now is the Kingroot app.
  4. Tap the KingRoot application icon and open it up.
  5. You should see a large button which is the button you need to press to try to root Haier Pad Mini.
  6. The KingRoot tool will now ping back the working method from its cloud-based servers and open the system internals of your device.
  7. Wait until you see the success message on the device’s display from the KingRoot app before closing the app.
  8. Now just reboot the Haier Pad Mini and you are ready to install those root-only apps from the Google Play Store.

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