How to adjust the iPhone 6S 3D touch display sensitivity [Tip]

iPhone 6S 3D touchFor many of us, getting our hands on the latest iPhone 6S hasn’t happened just yet. By and large, the launch of the iPhone S6 was another successful iPhone launch. We know the ‘S’ variant comes with an added feature over the numbered upgrade which changes the design and hardware. This year’s new future is the 3D touch sensor, known as the next-generation of touch sensory. While the touch sensor with Touch ID for passcodes from last year’s iPhone 6 is undoubtedly an upgrade over typing n a passcode to unlock, the new 3D touch sensor raises that bar yet again by bringing us a new touch display.

Unlike the iPhone 6 Touch ID touch sensor for the passcode, the new 3D touch sensor is for the Apple iPhone 6S display. It has nothing to do with unlocking the iPhone at all. The latest 3D touch display lets users tap on the display at three different pressures, hence the term 3D touch. Each pressure has the ability to confirm a new command; thus enabling more efficiency and productivity from the iPhone. Simply put, you can do more with the iPhone 6S than you could with any other of its predecessors.

The obvious problem when starting to use the new 3D touch display technology for the first time is coming up with pressure points that suit your taste so you do find the feature useful and not annoying. The following guide teaches you how to adjust the iPhone 6S 3D touch display sensitivity.


  1. Launch the Settings app
  2. Tap your finger over the General option.
  3. Scroll down until you see Accessibility and tap to enter it.
  4. Scroll down until you see the 3D touch area.
  5. Here is where you’ll find all the available tweaks for your 3D touch display.
  6. More specifically, look for the 3D touch display bar that let’s you swipe the bar to choose your level of sensitivity.

That’s all you need to do for learning how to adjust iPhone 6S 3D touch display sensitivity. The option furthest to the left is for the lightest iPhone 6S 3D touch sensitivity, and the option to the far right is for the firmest iPhone 6S 3D touch sensitivity.  The firmer side of the bar means it will require you to press harder to activate the next level of touch sensor. Having the bar too light will mean accidental changes to the iPhone 6S 3D touch display, while too firm may result in you finding the display too hard to press. Choosing a setting somewhere in between both for the iPhone 6S touch display sensitivity should suit most people.

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