How to enter download mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 5 [Guide]

Samsung Note 5If you want to use the Odin tool to install an official software update on your device manually, or get root access on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, you should enter download mode first before connecting to the computer. If you are connecting to the computer and cannot get the guide you are following to work, it’s probably due to the USB Drivers, or the fact that you are not yet in the required download mode.


  • You shouldn’t have much trouble with deleted data during the steps to learning how to enter the download mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 5 since it’s an official operation given by the device manufacturer. Nevertheless, you can back up if you want to do the sensible thing. Backup the phone contacts, SMS texts messages, device settings, pictures, music, videos and any other data you can think of that you might not want to risk losing like the apps. You can download the Helium app from the Google Play Store to back up most of those things and the apps.


Follow these steps either with or without root access on the smartphone:

  1. Completely power off the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 smartphone by pressing the Power button once and letting go to reveal a menu. Select the ‘Switch Off’ option from that menu.
  2. Those of you within a frozen or unresponsive screen can long-press the Power button down for about 5 seconds.
  3. Now that you all of the Note 5 off, leave it off without touching any buttons for a few seconds.
  4. Reboot the Note 5 by holding the Power + Home + Volume Down buttons and do not let do until you see some yellow writing with a warning triangle below.
  5. From this screen you will see two options. One of them is to go back where you can and the other is to advance through to the download mode. Press the Volume Up button to advance through to the download mode.
  6. Now your device is ready to connect to the computer. Just plug in the USB cable to the computer and then the phone to start using the device in download mode.

Follow these steps only if you have root access:

  1. Sign in to your Google Play Store account from the Google Play app on your device.
  2. Use the search bar to type ‘Quick Boot’ and then click to download the Quick Boot application.
  3. Open the Quick Boot app from the app drawer by tapping your finger over the icon just like you would any other app.
  4. Follow the simple on-screen guidelines to rebooting in the download mode.

There; now you all should have no problem with knowing how to enter download mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 5. There is a guide for the people with root access and one for those running stock Android. If you have no idea what root access is, you ought to follow the guide for stock Android users only.

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