How to enter recovery mode on Google Nexus 6 [Guide]

Google Nexus 6The recovery mode partition on the Google Nexus devices is one of the most important partitions on any smartphone that runs Android because they are some of the most popular devices to tinker with the operating system. Some of that recovery use is spread across more than one recovery due to the fact that many people use one of the available custom recoveries and not just the stock recovery.

Usually entering the stock recovery mode that comes with your device and a custom recovery is done by pressing the same hardware keys. However, that’s not always the case when using apps. Some apps are made for booting into ClockworkMod recovery and others are used for booting into Team Win’s TWRP recovery. We’ll show you the keys you can use to enter recovery mode from the hardware keys. That’s for both rooted and locked devices and stock and custom recovery; they all work just the same.

Furthermore, we will show you some apps you can download from the Google Play Store that will help you boot the Nexus 6 in recovery mode if you cannot get the hardware keys to work.


  • You can use this guide for any of the Google Nexus 6 smartphones. It doesn’t matter what phone carrier network you are assigned to, or if it’s unlocked. The same keys work for the range. With that being said, you cannot use these keys for devices from other manufacturers.


  1. Press the Power button once, and then select the ‘Switch off’ option.
  2. Long-press the Power button to turn off the Nexus 6 if you cannot get the display to work because it’s frozen .
  3. Leave the device for a few seconds.
  4. Reboot the Google Nexus 6 by holding the Volume Up + Volume Down + Power buttons together at the same time.
  5. Wait until you see the Fastboot mode menu before releasing the three buttons.
  6. Press either Volume button to scroll through the list of options from the Fastboot menu at the top of the Google Nexus display.
  7. Stop scrolling when you have the Recovery Mode option highlighted.
  8. Confirm you want to enter the Recovery Mode option by pressing the Power key once.
  9. Now that you are in the recovery mode, you can choose from any options such as wiping the cache partition, wipe data/factory reset and install updates. Alternatively, you can boot the device in TWRP recovery by installing the TWRP manager app from the Google Play Store. Those of you with ClockworkMod recovery, can boot into CWM recovery by installing the ROM Manager app from the Google Play Store.

All of you should now enter recovery mode on Google nexus 6 without any worries. Those of you choosing to install apps should think about deleting the app after you are done with it to save yourself some memory space on the smartphone. If you plan on using it later again, you should keep the ROM manager or TWRP Manager in the app drawer for another day.

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