How to reset Microsoft Edge browser to default settings in Windows 10 [Tip]

Microsoft_Edge_FeaturedA Microsoft Edge browser is a gateway to the internet for many people running Windows 10. Without the Edge browser, many people out there wouldn’t know how to even access the internet if they are running Windows 10. With that in mind, it’s easy to understand how important it is to keep our browsers clean of any malware and other annoyances that can hijack or creep into our browsers.

Since the Microsoft Edge browser is made by Microsoft, naturally the app (browser) is pretty well protected. However, as with all things Microsoft related, potential problems are always around the corner. That’s usually due to Windows being such a popular operating system that they too are the most popular target. Getting rid of a dose of Adware is never too difficult if you know what you are doing. ¬†Just download some trusted software that cleans your system like AdWCleaner and you should find your problem solved. That said, some problems are not solved so simply. Knowing how to reset Microsoft Edge browser to default settings in Windows 10 can often be the simple fix and the option to take when all else fails. For others who have issues with syncing or folder trash, it is the option to take frequently. It all just depends on your circumstances and how many settings you don’t want to compromise in the reset.


Unlike Internet Explorer versions in the past, there is no way we can click a single button and reset the new Microsoft Edge browser. We can, however, run through several options that will result in mimicking what would be a browser reset.

1. Open the Microsoft Edge browser settings.

2. Delete the following items from the list:

  • Browsing History
  • Cookies
  • Data
  • Cache

3. Many problems creep in due to the above options. Clearing the cache can work wonders. Those of you still facing problems can continue with some more complex solutions.

4. Switch from a Microsoft Account to a Local Account and see if that fixes your problem. If that doesn’t help, try creating a new Edge User Account. The new user will get the Edge browser in a new, clean and fresh state.

5. Those of you having problems with pop-up ads or anything that resembles malware you don’t think is coming from a website you are browsing can install the Junkware Removal Tool which does a great job of removing Edge browser extensions.

6. If all of the above fails, you might want to reinstall the browser. Reinstalling the browser is not easy and should only be done by advanced Windows users.

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