How to enter download mode on Samsung Galaxy S3 [Tip]

Samsung Galaxy S3 download modeApplying the steps to reach download mode on Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphones is just as important as the newer releases in the Samsung flagship range like the Galaxy S5 smartphones. The said mode is the one you want your device in if you need to downgrade the operating system, upgrade the OS, applying official stock updates, install a custom recovery, root the device or even unroot the device. Most of these tasks are done on a Windows computer and using the Odin flashing tool. The only problem is you won’t be getting your device to flash any files using the Odin tool unless you have the Samsung Galaxy S3 in download mode already.

As you can tell, getting your device in the download mode process is quite important, especially if it’s a software updates you want to apply on your device. The software updates would probably be the most common reasons because everyone knows what they are.


  • It’s probably best to back up your Samsung Galaxy S3 device data before starting the guide. The download mode represents an official mode brought to you by the Samsung team. That said, if you plan to use download mode for updating the device, it will be wiped during that update process. That’s why it’s best to back up everything from the phone contacts, settings, pictures, music, video files and anything else you don’t want to lose like the SMS text messages.
  • Those of you connecting to a computer after booting to download mode on the Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone will need to get the device in USB Debugging Mode too. Thankfully the USB Debugging Mode is an option coming directly from the Settings and doesn’t require a dedicated button combination. You can find the UBS Debugging Mode from the Menu > Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging.
  • Sometimes the USB Debugging Mode is locked and you must unlock that mode in order to get it working. You can do that by heading to the menu > Settings > About Device and tapping over the build number until it says you are now a developer.


  1. Turn the device off totally by holding in the Power key until it’s definitely off.
  2. Reboot the Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone by holding the Home + Power + Volume Down keys.
  3. Keep pressing the three said buttons until the screen changes on the smartphone. You should eventually see a warning triangle and two options on the display.
  4. Press the volume Up button and accept entering the download mode.
  5. Now your device will get past that warning screen and enter the download mode unless you chose to cancel the operation and go back.
  6. You are ready to connect the Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone to the computer where you have Odin waiting. You should go back to the other guide you were using before entering the download mode if you came here from another page. The guide directing you here will continue your steps for what to do next.

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