How to enter download mode on LG V10 [Tip]

LG V10Download most is a separate mode that you must boot the device into for the said mode to work. Once you enter download mode on LG V10 handsets, you can use it to apply updates on the device, fixing problems like boot loops and bugs, and also downgrading the device back to the stock ROM. The stock ROM is the same ROM you had on the device after you opened it out of the box.


  • The following guide is only to be followed on the LG V10 smartphone. Sure, there are many other smartphones in LG’s range but the steps won’t necessarily work for any of the others you might have in your hands. Therefore, it’s best to search for a separate guide if you need to enter download mode on a different LG handset.


  • Entering download mode on LG V10 smartphones represents an official operation granted by your manufacturer. With that knowledge, we know that we are not voiding any terms and conditions, including the warranty, by following this guide. Those of you going on to unlock the bootloader, root the LG V10, or install a custom recovery on the LG V10 will be voiding the warranty during those guides.
  • Although it doesn’t void the OEM warranty, it’s till best practice to back up your devices data before entering such modes. You might want to make additional copies of the settings, app,s pictures, videos, SMS text and other data you deem important such as the phone contacts.
  • Since entering download mode on LG V10 smartphones is an official process that doesn’t require a computer, you cannot rely on any USB charging to help your device keep the battery alive. For that reason, you shouldn’t enter such modes unless you have a minimum of 10% battery life. As long as your computer, laptop or notebook comes with the USB charging feature, it should begin charging your LG smartphone once you connect it after being in the download mode.


  1. You must start with the device turned off.
  2. There are twp ways you can turn off the LG V10. The first way is to press the Power button once and select the ‘Switch Off’ from the menu. The second is to press and hold the Power button until the device eventually turns off.
  3. Reboot the smartphone holding the Power and Volume Down buttons together at the same time.
  4. Do not let go of the two buttons combination and let three seconds pass before connecting it to the computer. You should still be holding the Volume Down and Power buttons when connecting the handset to the computer.
  5. Watch as the download mode is now displayed on the smartphone.
  6. Release the two buttons and continue using your device in the download mode you desired.
  7. Those of you preferring to get the LG V10 in hardware key control mode must Switch Off > Reboot holding Power + Volume Down + Volume Up + and after approximately 6 seconds, the hardware control mode will be present on the devices display.

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