How to install a custom ROM on LG V10 [Tip]

LG V10Installing a custom ROM on the LG V10 is what you need to do if you want to get away from the stock ROM. Most people choose to install a custom ROM to update to newer software updates not yet released officially as stock ROMs for their devices, or just to start using new features the custom ROMs offer that the stock ROMs do not. If your device becomes popular enough, it can get many custom ROMs made — often devices have around ten ROMs worth checking out and installing. Here’s everything you need to know to install a custom ROM on LG V10 smartphones.


  • The following guide is put together for the LG V10 only. Do not follow this guide unless you have that same device unless you are certain this guide does work for your device. Any ROM files made for the V10 variant of the LG smartphone will not work on any other devices.



  1. Head over to the XDA Developers forum and search for the custom ROM you want to install on your device.
  2. Download the custom ROM file to the computer.
  3. Download the Google Gapps package on your computer so you can install the Google stock apps on your new ROM.
  4. Transfer both the Google Gapps and the custom ROM to the desktop of the computer.
  5. Do not unzip either of the files.
  6. Connect your LG V10 to the computer and transfer the zip files over to the internal storage SD card on your device.
  7. Unplug your device from the computer.
  8. Reboot the LG V10 into recovery mode.
  9. Take a NANDroid backup which is the same as selecting the Backup option from the recovery menu.
  10. Now wipe the data and take a factory reset from inside the recovery mode.
  11. Browse the SD card and upload that custom ROM file.
  12. Browse the SD card again and upload the Google Gapps file.
  13. Go back to the main recovery menu and select the reboot System option from the menu.
  14. Your device will now reboot back into the normal mode. The stock ROM is gone and replaced with the custom ROM. That’s how to install a custom ROM on LG V10 devices.

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