How to unroot Lava Iris 405 [Guide]

Lava Iris 405Unrooting the Lava Iris 405 is made easy if you followed our guide on how to root the Lava iris 405 smartphones using the Framaroot method. Depending on what rooting guide you did use will depend on how you unroot the device. You can only unroot your device using this method if you do have the Framaroot app on your device.


  • The following guide is only made for the Lava Iris 405 smartphone. You can Google what that device looks like to make sure it matches up with the device that’s in your hands, or you can check the model number from your menu.


  • Make sure you backup the device. Those of you with a custom recovery installed might want to take a NANDroid backup instead of taking a full backup using ADB commands on the computer. The Titanium backup application from the Google Play Store is no good to you any more since you are unrooting and therefore cannot use the Titanium backup app once you finish this guide. You can, however, run the Helium app and backup your apps and other data. Helium will be your best bet once you are unrooted too.


  • Open your Framaroot application that is available on your devices app drawer.
  • Tap the Install SuperSU option.
  • You should now see a new pop up menu with a few different options available.
  • Tap the “Unroot” option on that list.
  • Wait until the Framaroot app successfully unroots your device.
  • Soon you will see the Exploit Result screen with the “unroot done” message available on the apps display.
  • Check that SuperSU is no longer on your device by looking in the app drawer.

Once your device reboots you can use it again just like you were using it before you had the root access on the Lava Iris 405 handset. That means no more apps from the Google Play Store that required root access to work. However, on the bright side, you do have a more secure device that is not as vulnerable to malware attacks from downloading untrustworthy apps from the Google Play Store and other third-party sources that you thought were safe.

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