How to root Intex Aqua 4.5E [Guide]

Intex-AquaKingRoot is a new one-click rooting method that works on a great many of devices. To root Intex Aqua 4.5E smartphones in one click, just follow the guide below. Note that the KingRoot developers recommend to try using the desktop version of the rooting exploit if you cannot get the app to root your device. We know that people have had success rooting this device with the KingRoot tool. However, we do not know the specific version of KingRoot they used.


  • Use these steps o root Intex Aqua 4.5E smartphones only. KingRoot is a rooting tool that works n many devices but no tall devices. Search for the right guide for your device to save wasting time.


  • Enable the Unknown Sources option from your Intex Aqua 4.5E settings by heading to the Menu > Settings > Security > Unknown Sources. This is an important step so you can install third-party apps on your device coming in from outside of Google Play.
  • You should backup the device before starting the steps. The KingRoot tool will not automatically wipe your data, but you should still backup just in case you want to apply a hard reset.
  • You do not risk bricking your device by attempting to root it using the KingRoot tool since the button on the display will ping back the results on whether the tool can root your device or not. If it says no, you device is left unharmed and ready to try another rooting method.


  1. Download the KingRoot universal one-click rooting app from this link.
    – download it directly to your computer and have it waiting on the desktop.
  2. Connect the Intext Aqua 4.5E to the computer using the USB cable.
  3. Copy the KingRoot APK file over to the internal storage SD card.
    – make sure it’s the root of the SD card so you can find it later.
  4. Unplug the Intex Aqua from the computer.
  5. Launch any file manage on your device so you can install the APK
    – if you do not have any file manager on your device yet, head over to the Google Play Store and install one. There are many options for you to choose from. Any file manager will do the trick.
  6. Once you have installed the KingRoot APK on your device, head to the app drawer and locate the KingRoot app.
  7. Tap and open the KingRoot app and look for the large Rooting button found on the main page.
    – the words over this button can vary depending on what version of KingRoot you are using, so to avoid any confusion we won’t try to label the word. It’s usually a large green button.
  8. The KingRoot app will now ping back its own servers and try rooting your device. Watch the progress bar on the devices display and wait until it reaches 100%.
  9. The KingRoot tool will now give you a success message on the display and you can exit the app.

Reboot the device and head over to the Google Play Store to begin installing your new apps.

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