How to update Xiaomi Redmi 1S to CM13 Android 6.0 Marshmallow [Guide]

Xiaomi Redmi 1SWhile many noobs will sit around and wait for the official Android 6.0 Marshmallow update to arrive over the air as a notification directly to the Xiaomi Redmi 1S device, you can beat the pack by installing this CM13 Android 6.0 Marshmallow custom ROM made available by the official CyanogenMod team.

Though this is the real deal ROM made by the official CyanogenMod team, it’s important to note that it is hot off the shelf and a Nightly build — meaning you get those Nightly updates while the team continues to improve the ROM. On that note, you should take a NANDroid backup before wiping your data so you can anytime return to your stock ROM and restore that same data if you decide it’s not stable enough for your daily device.


  • These are the steps to update Xiaomi Redmi 1S to Android 6.0 Marshmallow via the CM13 custom ROM. Do not flash this same file on any other device; they come with a unique file and you cannot flash them on different devices.
  • You must have a custom recovery installed on the Xiaomi Redmi 1S before you can follow this guide. Likewise, you’ll need to root the Xiaomi Redmi 1S to get this custom ROM running.
  • You need to root the Xiaomi Redmi 1S before you can follow this guide for installing the new CyanogenMod 13 custom ROM on your device.


  • As we mentioned earlier, this CM13 ROM for the Redmi 1S is a Nightly build and not a stable ROM. You should backup during the guide and after you load your custom recovery.


  1. Turn on your computer and download the CyanogenMod 13 custom ROM from this XDA Developers page here.
  2. Connect the Xiaomi Redmi 1S device to the computer using the USB cable.
  3. Copy the CM13 custom ROM over to the root of the Redmi 1S internal storage SD card.
  4. Unplug the Redmi 1S from the computer and boot it up in the recovery mode via the custom recovery you should already have installed.
    – download the Quick Boot application from the Google Play Store on your Redmi 1S device if you cannot find recovery mode from your hardware keys.
  5. Now that you are all in the custom recovery mode, select the ‘Backup’ option from the main menu to take the NANDroid Backup.
  6. Choose the Wipe/Wipe Data option from the recovery mode and it will factory reset the device.
  7. Next, choose the ‘Install’ option from the menu and browse the SD card for the CM13 custom ROM file you want to install on your Redmi 1S device.
  8. Once complete, choose the ‘Install’ option yet again and upload the Google Gapps package based on Marshmallow if that’s what you want running.
  9. Go back to the main recovery menu and choose the ‘Reboot System’ option to get your Redmi smartphone back in normal mode.

Great; you just installed CM13 Android 6.0 on the Xiaomi Redmi 1S smartphone. You should find your new ROM loading and ready for use.

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