How to install CWM Recovery on LG F3 (Virgin Mobile) [Guide]

LG-Optimus-F3These are the instructions to install ClockworkMod recovery on LG F3 smartphones.


  • You must have the LG F3 smartphone rooted before you can go ahead and install a custom recovery on the device.
  • The following guide only works if your computer is running Windows. The steps do not work for Mac or Linux computers.


  • You are voiding the warranty on your LG F3 smartphone by Virgin Mobile when you follow this guide. You should flash the stock recovery back on the device if you ever want to get the warranty working again. You can only have one of the recoveries — stock recovery on the custom recovery — working on a device at any one time.


  1. Download the CWM recovery file for the F3 smartphone from the Android Forums link here.
  2. Extract the CWM Recovery Windows Installer package on the desktop of the computer by right-clicking over the file and choosing the option to “extract here” from the menu.
  3. Connect the LG F3 smartphone to the computer using the USB cable.
  4. Run the Install.bat file from the extract archive on the desktop.
  5. That same installer bat file will now flash the custom recovery on your F3 smartphone. Wait until you can see that it has finished before moving on to the next step.
  6. Reboot the LG F2 smartphone when it is ready.
  7. Once the F3 smartphone has rebooted, you can choose to boot it up once again and in the custom recovery mode or you can continue using the device normally and boot it up in the custom recovery mode later. Download and install the Quick Boot app from the Google Play Store and choose to boot it in the recovery mode from the Quick Boot menu.

Should you ever not have root access and need to access the custom recovery mode, you can always use the hardware keys to get the device in the recovery mode. The hardware keys will be the same as the hardware keys you used to use to boot in the stock recovery mode.

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