How to flash CWM recovery on LG Spectrum 2 (Verizon) [Guide]

LG-Spectrum-2-VerizonIf you own the LG Spectrum 2 smartphone and still haven’t tested a custom recovery, now is the perfect time. There are three main custom recoveries people know about, but what people do not always know is that there are many more custom recoveries out there for devices running Android too. Any recovery you can find for your device will do the same jobs, so it doesn’t matter which one you choose. However, there are three recoveries that have a long reputation in the customizing scene, and the one that usually stands out more than the others is ClockworkMod recovery.

ClockworkMod recovery — often referred to as CWM recovery for short — is a custom recovery that was the original custom recovery people would install on a device. It works by utilizing the same keys as your stock recovery (the Volume keys and the Power button). Over time, another custom recovery by the name of TWRP recovery arrived which replaced the way we would normally use the Volume keys and the Power button with physical buttons from the display. Many people prefer using TWRP recovery since it is the more modern of its kind, but many also love to stick with the traditional ClockworkMod recovery.

If you are one of the latter people and would prefer CWM recovery running on your LG Spectrum 2 smartphone, just follow the guide after the jump.


  • You must root the LG Spectrum 2 before you can follow this guide and install a custom recovery on the device.


  • Installing a custom recovery on the LG Spectrum 2 smartphone is always going to void the warranty. However, you should have no trouble finding the stock recovery and flashing it back on the Spectrum 2 handset to get that same warranty working again. You can only ever have one recovery running on your LG device at a time, so if you are using a custom recovery, the stock recovery must be wiped.


  1. Download the ClockworkMod recovery for Spectrum 2 file from this link.
  2. Do not extract the file; just leave it on the desktop.
  3. Connect the LG Spectrum 2 smartphone to the computer using the USB cable you normally use for charging the battery.
  4. Copy the CWM recovery file still zipped over to the root of the internal storage SD card.
  5. Unplug the LG smartphone from the computer and the USB cable.
  6. Turn on the Unknown Sources option from the Settings by tapping the Menu > Settings > Security > Unknown Sources. Now you can install apps on the LG device from outside the Google Play Store.
  7. Open any File Manager on your LG device and install the recovery APK file so it turns into app form and is available from your app drawer.
  8. Navigate to where you normally find new apps on your device and 2nd-init recovery button.
  9. That same button will now start to flash the custom recovery on your device. Wait until it’s finished before closing the app and rebooting your Spectrum device manfully.

That’s how to install CWM recovery on LG Spectrum 2 devices.

Those of you with the Spectrum 2 handset already rooted can now head over the Google Play Store and download the Quick Boot application. That same Quick Boot app is the only thing you need to boot your device into the custom recovery mode you just installed. You will instantly have the ability to flash new ROMs and take NANDroid backups from the menu, so go ahead and do that now.

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