How to install Articulate Mobile Player app on Android/iPad [Tip]

mobile-2Articulate Mobile Player App is an application that can be installed on both Android as well as iOS phones. Usages of smart phones are increasing day by day. Smart phones are considered mini laptops as they support many functions that we see in a laptop. Every mobile phone, be it an Android or iOS, comes with an option to install different apps that we can use in our day-to-day life.

What is an Articulate Mobile Player App?

The most talked about topic in the field of e-learning is mobile learning. Articulate Mobile Player app is an application created for viewing e-learning content created using Articulate Storyline. The two were originally released in May 2012 for the iPad. The app optimizes Articulate content on an Android or iOS operating mobile phone. It is an elegant way to display the learning interface to the user. Users can download any number of e-learning content apps created using Articulate Storyline.

Benefits of Articulate Mobile Player App

Articulate mobile gives users the best possible option to view e-learning content. Full-screen playback, tap and swipe are possible with Articulate mobile player. It allows the user to download the content for offline reading. It also facilitates quick access to content that has already been viewed in the library.

Installing the Articulate Mobile Player App in Android

  • For an Android mobile user, the first step in installation is to go to Google Play Store for Articulate Mobile Player.
  • After selecting the player required to install, click on Install.
  • User will be prompted with App Permission Request.
  • Accept the App Permission request.
  • After that, application will start installing on your Android

After installing the app in your mobile phone, you can check the version number just below the app name at the top of the screen.

Installing the Articulate Mobile Player app on iPad

Installing Articulate Mobile Player App on iPad is slightly different when compared to Android.

  • Go to app store and search for the latest version of Articulate Mobile Player.
  • Click on Get and then install the correct version for your iPad.
  • The application will prompt you to sign in using a valid Apple ID and password.
  • Once you are logged in, the application will be installed.

After installing the app in your mobile phone, you can check the version number. For this, you should go to the iPad homepage and tap on Settings tab. Then tap the General tab on the left hand side and then tap Usages on the right hand side of Details page. After that, tap the Manage Stores option in the Storage section and then tap Articulate in your list of apps. You will be able to see the version number below the app name.

Final Verdict on Articulate Mobile Player App

If you are a fan of mobile learning and wish to have the best viewing and reading experience then Articulate Mobile Player is the best option available in the market. The app is free to download and provides stunningly powerful e-learning tools. Follow the easy steps given above to install Articulate Mobile Player App in your android or iPad and enjoy learning on the go.

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