6 impressive tricks for Mozilla Firefox [Tip]

ffimgEven though there are many web browsers available in the market, many users prefer Mozilla Firefox. There are many impressive tricks for Firefox that makes it more attractive and useful to some users.

What is Mozilla Firefox?

Mozilla Firefox is a free open source web browser created by Mozilla Foundation. It works on all common operating systems. It is a cool and user friendly browser and its numerous add-ons make it the first choice of many users all over the world.

A Few Impressive Tricks for Firefox

Here are a few impressive tricks for Firefox that users can adopt. They include:

  1. The Firefox screen can be tweaked for optimal use. The user can reduce the size of icons to get more working space.
  2. Increasing the size of text is another impressive trick for Firefox that a user should know. By pressing “CTRL & +”, a user can increase the size of the page. To decrease the size of the page, the user can press “CTRL & -“. When the user presses F11, the page will be maximized.
  3. Keyword shortcuts is an impressive trick for Firefox that most of users do not know. If a user is using a specific site quite often, then he has to open the site, right click on search box and then give a shortcut in the keyword text box. Now, when the user needs to go to that specific site, he just has to enter the shortcut given in the URL and press enter button.
  4. Learning keyboard shortcuts and using them in day to day life will make browsing superfast for the user. Moving through tabs can be done easily if the user knows the shortcuts. By using the shortcut key Ctrl + Tab, the user can move to the next Tab, and by pressing Ctrl + 1, the user can navigate to the first tab on the browser, by pressing Ctrl + 8, Firefox will take the user to the 8th Tab on the browser, and Ctrl + 9 will take you to the last Tab. If a user presses Shift + Ctrl + Tab, Firefox will take him to previously visited tabs. A user can use the shortcut Ctrl + T to open a new tab and Ctrl + N for a new window. By using these impressive tricks for Firefox, browsing can become an easy and comfortable experience.
  5. Another impressive trick for Firefox users is to increase the speed of Firefox. A user can use pipelining to speed up his page loads. It helps Firefox to load multiple things on a page at once. The user can also specify the amount of RAM to be used by Firefox, which an increase performance.
  6. Firefox has the ability to automatically show previous URLs that are visited by the user. When the user just types an address in the address bar, as he types, a drop-down history menu shows the previously visited URL’s. If a user does not want those URLs to show up, using the down-arrow, he can go to that URL address he wants to delete, and press the Delete key to delete it permanently.


If you are an addicted Mozilla Firefox browser user, by following the above mentioned impressive tricks for Firefox, you can make you’re browsing entertaining, faster and easier.

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