4 useful tips to make Mac run faster [Tip]

MAC1Do you wish to make your Mac run faster? A common problem faced by laptop or computer users is the slowing down of the system due to accumulation of a lot of software clutter that makes it sluggish.

What is Mac?

Mac is a computer operating system from Apple Computer’s Macintosh line of personal computers. The latest version of MAC OS is MAC OS X. It supports development technologies such as UNIX, JAVA, WEB, Scripting, database and development technologies.

What are the Major Advantages of a Mac Operation System?

Like every operating system, Apple’s MAC also has its set of advantages and disadvantages.

  • MAC OS is a two layered system. It has a good graphical user interface and excellent security features. It is impossible to have a virus installed in your MAC.
  • MAC is a stable operating system. Apple makes sure that every part of the OS is designed correctly and tested properly.
  • GUI features of the OS are very simple. It makes user’s life easy. Users can spend 8 or more hours in front of MAC machine without any issues.

How Can You Make Your MAC Run Faster?

To make your MAC run faster, here are four simple and quick tips.

  1. Stop programs from automatically running – In most laptops or desktops, you can see that there are number of applications that are waiting to launch at startup. The user has to decide which programs should be running automatically. He needs to keep in mind that programs that run automatically will strain the system. By reducing the number of applications that run automatically, you can save memory.
  2. Delete any application that is not used – To make your MAC run faster, you need to delete unwanted applications from your system. MAC OS always prefers less memory usage and extra hard disk space for performing better. A user can start the process by deleting files or moving them to an external hard disk. You can manage browser extensions by delving into the settings of the browser that is installed in your MAC machine. By clearing history and cache, you can clear some space.
  3. Using cleanup software – The Cleanup tool is an application that is used to free up hard disk space. There are many tools available in the market to clean hard disk space. CleanMyMAC is a popular cleanup software; it removes junk files from your hard disk. It is always nice to have a good cleanup software that finds unwanted files in your system and removes them and clears up disk space.
  4. Keeping your software update to date – Another way to make your MAC run faster is to keep software up to date. Updated software helps to remove bugs, increase security and optimize the user experience.

If the user can make a backup of all the important stuff from the machine and then do a re-install, it will have a positive impact on making your MAC run faster.

By using these simple and easy tips and tricks, you can make your MAC run faster, and perform better.

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