How to root Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro on Android 5.1.1 (Snapdragon 650) [Guide]

Xiaomi-Redmi-Note-3-ProThese are the guidelines to root Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro devices that come with the Snapdragon 650 processor.


  • The following guide is made for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro smartphone that comes with the Snapdragon 650 processor only. Any other device might get bricked. Do the research on what your Note Pro 3 packs under the hood before starting the guide to reduce your risks for a bricked device.


  • Understand that this rooting method is allegedly only a temporary or tethered root method. According to the reports, it will not still be rooted once you turn off the device and turn it back on again. That’s not a huge deal if you are anything like me and haven’t turned your phone off for roughly the last month. But anyone who does turn on and off frequently might prefer to give this one a miss and wait for something a little more reassuring.
  • You might need to unlock the Developer Options menu if it’s hidden on your Redmi Note 3 Pro device by tapping on the Menu > Settings > About Device > Build Number at least 7 times. It will tell you when to stop by saying you are using the device as a developer.


  1. Download the rooting exploit you need from here.
  2. Turn on your mobile data or WiFi from the Settings.
    Connect the Redmi Note 3 pro to the computer and allow the USB Debugging Mode when it prompts you on the display for that option.
  3. Right-click over the rooting file when it’s on your computer and choose to run it as an administrator.
  4. Wait for the rooting process to complete; your Redmi Note 3 will reboot when it’s done.

In conclusion, that’s how to root the Redmi Note 3 Pro smartphone using a temporary root. The original poster from XDA Developers says that if the rooting method didn’t work for your Note 3 Pro device the first time, to run the application again on the computer and click on the ‘root’ icon from the menu.

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