How to sign in to two or more Skype accounts at once [Tip]

Skype1Have you ever wondered how to sign into two or more Skype accounts at once? The number of people using Skype are increasing on a daily basis. In fact, we can see that many people have multiple Skype accounts, one for official use and another one for personal use. Even though Skype does not provide a clear cut answer to it, by following a few tips and tricks, you can sign into two or more Skype accounts at once.

What is Skype?

Skype is an application from Microsoft. It provides video chat and voice calls at zero cost. With the help of a microphone and webcam, you can communicate with other Skype users easily. Skype also allows users to have group calls so that you can connect with family and friends. A user can sign into multiple Skype accounts via the Web, Windows, MAC and Linux through Skype applications. There are many reasons you might want to sign in to multiple Skype accounts at once, such as being on a business trip and talking with the office, while needing to say good night to your child at home.

Uses of Skype

Skype offers more features than just video and audio calls. Some of the main uses of Skype are

  1. File Transfer: Skype allows a user to transfer files from one system to another through Skype.
  2. Conference Calling: Skype Conference calling feature helps a user to communicate with a group of people just like you talk in a conference meeting.
  3. Ability to call to a landline or mobile number: Skype also offers users features such as the ability to call a landline or mobile number. The charge for calling the number is low compared to other calling services.

Steps to Sign into Two or More Skype Accounts at Once in Windows

  1. Using the Web and Windows Version: The web version of Skype is available now. Using Web version, a user can do voice calls and video calls. If a user has multiple Skype accounts, then it is easy to sign into multiple Skype accounts at once. A user can sign into one Skype account using the version that is running in your computer and at the same time log into and connect to Skype using another account at the same time.

If there is no Skype installed in your computer, then you can use a different browser to connect to Skype Web version and sign into it using another user profile. Through this way, it is easy to sign into two or more Skype accounts at once.

  1. Using Multiple Instances: A user can launch multiple versions of Skype with the help of the following command. Go to command prompt in your 64 bit version of Windows. Enter the value “C:\ProgramFiles (x86)\Skype\Phone\Skype.exe”\secondary. By entering this command, a user can open multiple instances of Skype. Now log into Skype using another account. By repeating the command, a user can open different instances of Skype in his machine and then sign into Skype with different accounts.

Skype also allows MAC and Linux users to connect to two or more Skype accounts at once. However, with MAC and Linux the steps are not as easy as with Windows.


By following these tips and tricks it is easy for a user to connect to two or more Skype accounts at once.

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