3 tools to recover deleted files from Windows [Tip]

FilesHave you ever accidentally deleted important files from your Windows machine and panicked, wondering if you can recover the deleted files from Windows? Don’t worry. It is possible to recover deleted files from Windows machine.

Recovering Deleted Files from Windows

If you accidentally deleted an important file from your system, you can recover it in two ways. One is to call for a data recovery person and another is by following some tips and tricks by installing some software. When a user deletes files from a Windows computer, it is not permanently deleted from system; at least not right away. After the user deletes a file, the computer makes the files invisible and the space becomes available for saving other information. The file is permanently deleted only when the empty space is reused by the system and fresh data is stored in that place. After this stage it becomes a little difficult to recover the file, only an expert data recovery agent will be able to recover it at this point.

Tools Used to Recover Deleted Files from Windows 

There are many tools available in the market to recover deleted files from a Windows machine. By using this software, you will be able to recover the deleted files without needing the help of a professional expert. Some of the common tools used are:

  1. Glary Undelete Software: Glary Undelete software is a commonly used basic program for recovering deleted files from Windows. The best feature about this program is the ability to search files using the full name of the deleted files. Using Glary Undelete it is easy to find the deleted files.
  2. MiniTool Power Data Recovery: This is recovery software that helps the user to recover deleted files from Windows. It also has the feature to save data from damaged partitions and to recover deleted files from pen drives, CDs and memory cards. MiniTool Power Data Recovery finds the recovered files in folders and from there, the user has to manually save the file by clicking “Save Files” option.
  3. Recuva Data Recovering Software: This is another data recovering tool with minimum features. The most useful feature of this software is that it enables the user to see a preview of the recovered file before he actually saves the file.

You can use any of the above mentioned software programs to help recover deleted files, and these are just a few of the programs out there. The user has to keep in mind that once the file has been deleted from the computer, he has to take precautions that the computer does not overwrite the space that is now available. It is always recommended to stop using the computer as soon as you realize you have deleted an important file. Close all the programs and make sure that you don’t shutdown the system or restart the system. Using a data recovery tool now, the user can try to recover the deleted file.


You have to keep in mind that the more you use the computer, the lesser the chance of recovering the deleted file from Windows machine. Anyone with basic computer knowledge will be able to recover the deleted files from a Windows system using the above given tools.

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