4 hidden window management tricks in Windows [Tip]

WindowsWindows has quite a few features that are hidden and so a few hidden Windows management tricks is very useful for persons who have multiple windows opened at the same time. These features help the user to automatically arrange windows, allowing him to place them side by side or tilt them.

Four hidden windows management tricks that can be performed on Windows 7 are given below. All these hidden windows management tricks except the ones that use task manager also work on Windows 8 and Windows 10 and on the earlier versions of Windows.

Trick 1: Aero Snap Arrangement

The Aero Snap is an extremely useful feature that was introduced in Windows 7. It is also available in Windows 8 machines and Windows 10. The Snap feature allows windows to consume only half of the screen space. Because of this, it is easy to arrange multiple windows without resizing them manually or moving them manually. You can use the Aero Snap feature by holding the Windows key and then press left or right keys. Through this hidden Windows management trick, the resized window will be placed on the left or right side of the screen. Another option to arrange windows is to click on the Windows title bar, by holding down the mouse button and dragging the title bar of the window to any side of the screen. Windows will show the preview of the shape the window will become. Now the window can be dropped to the edge, and it will automatically get resized and take up the suitable area of the screen.

Trick 2: Maximizing, Minimizing and Restoring Windows

To maximize a window, you have to drag and drop the title bar of the window to the top most edge of your screen. Windows will show you the preview of how the window will look like. When you release the mouse, the window will take up the space that is available in the entire screen. To resize the window back to its original size, drag the window by selecting the title bar using your mouse and move it far away from the top of the screen. You can also use keyboard shortcuts like Windows Key + Up to maximize a window and Windows Key + Down to minimize a window. Many people are not aware of this feature and it is considered a hidden windows management trick.

Trick 3: Managing Windows from the Taskbar

This is another hidden Windows management trick that can help you to manage your windows easily. Here, by right clicking in the task bar, you can see 3 different options to manage windows.

  1. Cascade Windows: Here, the windows will be arranged in a cascade. This option is not considered as the best option.
  2. Show Windows side by side: The next option is showing the windows side by side. In this option, the windows will be automatically arranged side by side. This option allows you to arrange as many as windows as you want. It is a very useful option to have when you are doing muti-tasking.
  3. Show windows stacked: The last option is to show widows as stacked. In this option, you can arrange the windows vertically, in the stacked form with one on top of the other.

Trick 4: Tile Horizontally or Vertically Option

After clicking on the Windows menu in the Task Manager, you can choose tile horizontally or tile vertically options. These hidden windows management tricks are very useful as it allows you to have many windows in your screen.


Managing windows in your PC is a very important feature. Many people work using multiple windows and by following these 4 hidden Windows management tricks, moving from one open window to another will be simpler and faster.

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