How to enable right-clicking on websites that block it [Tip]

rightHave you ever tried to enable right-clicking on websites that block it? Have you ever faced a situation when you tried to save an image or text from a website by right clicking and the website shows you a message that right clicking is not allowed? There are still many websites that prevent users from right clicking on their sites. By following the tricks given below, you can enable right-clicking on web sites that block it.

Why Right-Clicking on Web Sites is Disabled

The main reason why web sites block the right clicking option is to protect the data. It is easy to right click and save an image displayed in the website or copy the text. To prevent such actions, websites prevent users from right-clicking on web sites. Java script plug-ins are used for this action. Some websites use copyrights to protect images from being copied.

Tips to Enable Right-Clicking on Websites

By following the tips given below, any person can easily enable right-clicking.

  1. If you are facing a problem with right clicking, you just have to copy the command “javascript: void (document.oncontextmenu=null);” in the address bar and press enter. Right clicking will be enabled without any delay.
  2. Creating a booklet is another way to enable right–clicking on websites that block it. By creating a booklet using the code “javascript: void (document.oncontextmenu=null);” you can easily enable right-clicking on web sites that block it.
  3. Using a browser extension is another way to enable right-clicking on web sites that block it. If you are using Google Chrome as your web browser, then install the RightToCopy extension. This extension helps you to not only enable the right clicking on web sites, but also copy text and images from the site.
  4. ScriptSafe is another extension that is available for Google Chrome. This extension blocks scripts from running and thus allows you to right-click on websites.
  5. Another extension that is available is NoScript. It is used for the Mozilla Firefox browser. Just like ScriptSafe, it blocks the scripts from running and allows you to right-click on websites.
  6. Using Proxy sites are another option that you can choose when right-clicking on web sites is blocked. There are many proxy sites that disable JavaScript when you are browsing.
  7. If you are an advanced user, you can try copying text from the source code on websites that prevent right-clicking and copying of text. If you are using Google Chrome, it is easy to go to the source code of the website by entering the text “view-source” before your url and then pressing enter. Now just search for the text you need to copy. If you have some basic knowledge of source code it will be easy to find the text.


Nowadays most websites disable right-clicking on web sites to avoid users from copying text, images and other valuable information from the website. It is done for the security of data. By using the options given above, any user will easily be able to enable right-clicking and copy the images and text he wants. Just be aware that the information or images may be copyrighted.

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