4 free tools to test web browser speed [Tip]

maxresdefaultDo you compare the performance of different browsers and come to the conclusion that one browser is faster than the other? Do you use any tools to test the speed of your web browser? If so, there are quite a few free tools available for testing the speed of your web browser.

What is a Web Browser?

A web browser is a computer application that is used to access the Internet. There are many browsers available in the market. Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome etc., are some of the common web browsers that are used by people all around the world. All these browsers offer various features and are easily downloadable from the Internet. If you are using a Smartphone, you need to make sure you use a browser that is compatible with your mobile phone. Safari works well with iPhone and iPad, whereas Android mobile phones work well with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Benchmark or Check the Speed of Your Web Browser

To benchmark your web browsers, you can use various tools.

  1. SPEED- BATTLE: SPEED-BATTLE is a free tool to test the speed of your web browser. SPEED-BATTLE measures the speed of JavaScript in the browser you are using and indicates a comparison to other visitors. It is very fast and does not require any installation or steps to perform. Just go the website speed-battle.com/speedtest_e.php and you can see the test results. Results help in finding out the fastest browser to complete the test, fastest operating system on the same computer and browser version, and the fastest computer on the same operating system and browser.
  2. PC–MARK: PC-Mark is a free tool to test the speed of your web browser. It is used for checking the performance of your PC for home, office or creative use, checking the battery life of notebooks and tablets, for fine tuning the performance of your PC and much more. PC-Mark offers five different tests and also offers a battery test. Visit the PC-Mark website futuremark.com/benchmarks for downloading it.
  3. JetStream tool to benchmark your web browser: This is a Java script-based site to test the speed of your web browser even on the most advanced applications. To test your browser’s speed, visit the JetStream tool website org/JetStream/index.html. Results will be shown with average scores.
  4. 0 tool benchmarks your web browser: Octane2.0 is a JavaScript based tool to check the speed of your web browser. Octane2.0 offers around 17 tests. Visit the octane-benchmark.googlecode.com/svn/latest/index.html.
  5. Dromaeo benchmark tool for Mozilla: Dromaeo benchmark tool performs some of its own tests and some tests taken from other tools. The main issue with this tool is that it takes more time to complete the test. Results are shown in seconds. But comparing two browsers is difficult using the Dromaeo tool. To test the speed of your browser, visit http://dromaeo.com/ and run the test to see the results.

There is one more tool called Acid3. This tool is not a performance checking tool, but more of a compliance tool. The main aim of the tool is to check how the browser renders a complex set of instructions.


Benchmarking your web browser is not an easy task. Using the tools specified above you can check the performance and speed of your web browsers and the machine as both web browser performance and computer performance are inter linked.

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