How to speed up Android with Iolo’s Auto Memory Manager [Tip]

androidIf your Android phone has slowed down considerably, and if you are frustrated due to this, then you need to install Iolo’s “Auto Memory Manager” app to improve the speed of your Android Smartphone. Iolo’s “Auto Memory Manager” app is an application that helps to improve the speed of your Smartphone and is considered a utility application that one must have in their Smartphone.

Reasons for a Slow Android

In your day to day life, you may be using a number of apps in your Android Smartphone. We use apps for calling, photos, videos, texting, maps, Facebook, twitter and games, the number is just increasing. As a result of this, a large amount of memory is getting used up to keep these apps running in the background. So, actual free memory remaining is low and that makes your Smartphone slow.

Manually killing the unused apps is the solution considered by many for improving the performance. The user has to manually select the apps that are running in the background and close them manually to clear memory. But this is a time consuming and hectic process and sometimes it becomes really difficult to decide which app to keep and which app to kill. Because of this difficulty, search for an automatic app to kill apps and improve performance.

Iolo’s “Auto Memory Manager” App

“Auto Memory Manager” app is an automatic application that can kill all apps that are running in the background and improve the performance of the Android Smartphone. The app works well with all Androids. Iolo’s “Auto Memory Manager” app helps it perform at maximum levels. It is available at Google play store for free here. Easy to install and use, this application dramatically improves the performance of your Smartphone and keeps it fun to use.

How Iolo’s “Auto Memory Manager” App Works

After you have installed Iolo’s “Auto Memory Manager” app in your Smartphone, it will automatically and intelligently check the apps that are not in use and kill them and thus clear your Android memory. The app comes with a graphical-user-interface that shows details about how your Smartphone’s memory is used. Through this interface, you can easily customize memory management without any difficulty. The app comes with 3 basic settings, “Aggressive,” “Mild” and “Default.” Using these options, you can improve the performance of the application.

Benefits of Iolo’s “Auto Memory Manager” App

The main benefit of Iolo’s “Auto Memory Manager” app is that it allows you to improve the speed of your Android Smartphone. It will automatically improve the performance by killing the unused apps that are consuming a large amount of memory. Through the graphical-user-interface, the application will show you details about how much memory is used by different applications and it allows you to customize the memory accordingly.


If your Android Smartphone is performing very slowly, then it would be better if you check the memory usage. You will see that most of the memory in your Smartphone is used for apps that are running in the background. In order to solve this problem and improve performance, you can now install Iolo’s “Auto Memory Manager” app.

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