How to encrypt cloud storage in Linux/Windows with EncFS [Tip]

Do you store delicate records on Dropbox or another distributed storage administration? Scramble or encrypt them with EncFS for Linux, which is an encrypting file organism that evidently encrypts and decrypts each discrete file with the encryption key.

EncFS works uniquely in contrast to a TrueCrypt compartment, which stores your scrambled documents in a solitary substantial record. Rather, EncFS makes separate documents for every record you include. It works better with cloud storage service that would re-transfer the whole TrueCrypt container every time it’s changed.

EncFS Setup on Linux

Run following command for installing EncFS on Ubuntu:installingencfs

                      sudo apt-get install encfs

If you own other Linux based operating system then simply look for EncFS package in the package manager and just install it.

Type following command to generate a new EncFS encrypted volume:

                      encfs ~/Dropbox/encrypted ~/Private

This makes two directories. The folder at Dropbox/encrypted in your home folder this is where encrypted forms of your files are being saved they are in Dropbox folder, so Dropbox will backup them automatically. The Private directory in home folder is where your decrypted files will be available. You can choose any location you desire for either directory.

You will be asked few questions after administrating these commands. EncFS will ask you to choose a password for the encrypted volume. Remember the password if by any chance you forget it you won’t be capable to accessing the files.

Using EncFS on Linux

Place these files in the Private folder you just created .Encrypted files will be saved in the /Dropbox/encrypted folder. And Dropbox will automatically synchronize them across your machines no one can access these subjects without using the password you selected. You can make EncFS encrypted directory on the various computers by using the same encfs command you used earlier for using encrypted files on each one.usingencfs

Important Information

  • Never place files you want to encrypt directly in your /Dropbox/encrypted folder ignore this folder. Instead Place these files in Private folder. Because if you place files directly in /Dropbox/encrypted folder they will not be encrypted.
  • Do not remove or misplace .encfs.xml file which is hidden to see it press CTRL+H which will show you the hidden files in Ubuntu. Perhaps it is good for you to create backup of this file because if you misplace or loose this crucial file you will also lose access to the encrypted files.

Encrypting is a old tool which we have been using from the prehistorically times. Its basic purpose is to save the private data and maintain privacy where it is due and important. It can also be used to send a secret sensitive massage safely without getting leaked or compromised from one place to another in difficult times. This can save a lot of things from happening. Hope you guys found this article helpful. If you follow the above mentioned steps carefully you can easily encrypt and decrypt your private files by typing few commands.

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