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About Genesis Emmanuel Gonzales

Through hard work and determination, Genesis has established himself as a well-respected and high-performing entrepreneur. Based in the Philippines, he currently works as an Associate IT and Math Professor. With a passion for hard work, Genesis has proven his vast skills very transferable, with the last decade see him develop a strong foundation in application development. Since refining his skills in the areas of web development and programming, Genesis has become a pillar of knowledge amongst his peers. A confident and driven person, there is no doubt Genesis leads from the front, his students inevitably following. While ever committed to his professional ventures, Genesis still often finds time to play video games and challenge his friends to a game of chess. Those who know Genesis well would describe him as a kind, driven and productive person, always looking for a new challenge. A passionate approach to life and ability to communicate with people from any background has proven valuable to Genesis throughout his career. He continues to have an unwavering commitment to always be his best, challenge the limits of everything he does, while always remaining true to his moral motivations.