How to copy and paste text into the Linux Terminal [Tip]

linuxlogoLinux is very light operating system that’s why its shows a good performance and it runs very fast even on the low system specifications. Like Windows, it is available in different versions. Each version has its own specific features.

The difference between Linux and Windows is that the latter uses graphical interface means that it provide users the facility of interacting with the system using the mouse by selecting, dragging and pointing to the desired Icons while using Linux one has to type commands because it assists the user providing command line interface. If one has to interact with the system he has to type the commands using the keyboard. The syntax of the command must match with that of the operation system. The commands which we are using should also be understandable by the operating system.

One of the best features is that it is very much resistant to the viruses. It helps very much to protect its user from getting harm. Like the other operating systems, Linux is also very vast in its services. It assists its user in the same way like some other operating systems for example Windows or MAC do.

While surfing the internet or scrolling through the web, when a long command is entered into Terminal Window that we have obtained from the web or from any document, formerly it is convenient to copy and paste that command on the prompt and also we can save it ourselves.

To copy the command, just highlight that text which you want to copy you found on the internet or from the document. After highlighting the text press Ctrl + C to copy the text. This action can be performed by right-clicking on the highlighted text and selecting the copy command.ctrl-c-hi

If the terminal window is not already opened press Ctrl + Alt + T to open a new Terminal Window. Right click on the prompt and select the “paste” option from the popup menu. The text which you have copied on the clipboard will be pasted at the prompt. If you want to execute the command, press “Enter” key. The command will be executed just as you have typed it yourself.ctrl-alt-t

The vice versa of this process can also be performed. The text can be simulated from the window and can be pasted on the documents or on the places where required. Just highlight the text on the Terminal Window right click the text and select the copy option. This copied text can be pasted on various text editors like MS Word, notepad or word processor etc.

When you have pasted the command which you have copied in the terminal window, arrow keys can be really helpful in navigating through the command. If you desire to edit or delete the text, “backspace” key will assist you in this context. If you wish to copy a long command this process is really helpful. It is also helpful in customizing the commands according to your needs.

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