How to install Mac OS X Lion on HP ProBook (or compatible laptop) [Tip]

The most satisfying things that can happen to a computer guy is Hackintosh (i.e installation of the Mac OS X on the non-Apple machine). This really does not seem easy but the end result is worth the effort. Today, we will check how this can happen.

The procedure:

There can be two situations. It’s either Windows is installed on the hard drive or the hard drive is empty. Nevertheless, in both of these situations, we need to format the hard drive. Before starting, backup your data and we will use UniBeast method.

Start the work by preparing the UniBeast USB drive. Using Mac, but OS X Lion app, attach your 8GB USB with the Mac. Format it as Mac OS X extended, you can download the UniBeast from tonymacx86, just run it, make sure about your  ‘Laptop Support’ choice, when you will run it, wait, voila!unibeast


When your USB is ready, plug it with your ProBook. Be sure that you have the optimum settings  and to do that, the easiest way is to turn your BIOS to default. Note the BIOS version also, it will be helpful later. Boot from USB into the installer, choose language and click Next.

On the Menu Bar click on the Utilities > Disk Utility. Assume that we have the dual boot system. Here we will create 3 partitions, one for the Mac , second for your data , third for the windows. Create 3 partitions, mark one as Lion, other as Window and third as you feel easy and adjust their sizes. Select the options button, select the ‘GUID Partition Table’ and click OK. One must format the Windows and empty partition as MSDOS and the Mac OS X is formatted Mac OS X Extended (Journaled). Click on the Apply button and then on partition, to partition the drive.osxlion

Once the partition is complete, quit the disk utility. If you want the windows to be dual booted, it is recommended to install window first and then install OS X. As we have done the half way so we will continue from this. Select the partition for the Mac as the destination whatever you have named it and let it install. It will take 15- 30 minutes. When it will be done, the screen will prompt you to restart. Make your computer restart by clicking the restart button.

When it will be restarted, again boot it from USB. This time there will be two choices. Whether to boot into the installer again or boot into the OS X which you have just installed. Select the Lion drive by using arrow key and press Enter. You will be taken to the desktop in few minutes. You might be prompted to attach the keyboard at first boot time. This will happen only at first boot. Attack a USB keyboard and when dialog box disappear unplug that keyboard. After installing OS X on custom-built PC it is necessary to run MultiBeast to ensure the operations of devices like sound, and some other functions.

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