How to play Windows PC games on Mac OS X [Tip]

People love to play games on their laptops or MacBook in their free time. You can easily play any Windows game on your Mac. There are many methods through which you can play games on your Mac.

Native Mac Games

It took years for Mac to gain more and more PC gaming support. Linux can support number of game to play on. Mac has now reached that point similar to Linux. When the rare game was ported to Mac then it is required for one to purchase the Mac-only version in order to run the game on Mac. But now days the story is a bit different. These days much of the games have Mac versions available. The gamers keep all the factors in their minds before developing a game so that every computer can support it and all users can enjoy it.

Installation process

You have to install Steam, Origin and on your Mac. If you have purchased some game and it support Mac then you can easily access it through Mac. You can also access the game to the windows version too.battlenet origin steam

Boot Camp                                                 

There are still many games which cannot support Mac OS X. But windows can support almost every game. If you run a game on Mac but Mac cannot support such game then the best way is Boot camp. One can easily install window on their Mac by using Boot camp and easily reboot into windows whenever you want to play these games. Bu using boot camp you can use window in the similar way as in window system.bootcamp


One of the problems of using boot camp is that it uses your Mac’s hardware. If a Mac has slower integrated graphics then it is not possible to run the demanding games. If the hard drive of your Mac is small then you are not able to install windows and a big game like the 48 GB PC version Titanfall alongside Mac OS X. But if you have ideally a gaming PC with strong graphics hardware, Large hard drive and a strong PC power then you can use Steam’s in-home streaming feature to stream games running on your Mac. This is an easy and more reliable method of playing game. It does not drain the battery quickly.

Other Methods

There are some other ways of playing games on Mac but they have some issues.

Virtual Machine

Virtual machine is one of the ideal way of playing application on your Mac. Virtual machine is more convenient. If there are some old games which cannot be supported by our hardware or the games that does not require 3D acceleration at all those games can be easily run in virtual machine.


Wine is a layer that allows you to run windows software both on Mac and Linux. It is one of the amazing thing which help users in playing games. However there are also some of the issues and problems. Wine also produces some error when some game is playing under it.


DOSBox is the best approach of running games and applications on Mac OS X and Windows.

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