How to reset password on Windows, Mac and Linux [Tip]

passwordWould you like to reset the password on your operating system? It is fairly easy to do a password reset on every operating system and access the files and folders in that machine. Whether it is a MAC, Linux or Windows OS, you can easily do a password reset and access the files on a computer of which you have no clue of what the password might be. By following these tricks, you can reset the password and access the files and folders.

Reset the Password on a Windows Machine

In a Windows machine, you have various methods for resetting the password. In Windows, you can create a “Password Reset Disk.” A Password Reset Disk can reset the system password in an approved way. If your operating system is Windows 8 with a Microsoft account, then you can reset the password of the built-in Administrator. Then the password can be protected by encrypting the Windows system drive. Tools like BitLocker can be used to prevent you from accessing the registry and resetting the password.

Reset the Password on a Linux Machine

If you are using a Linux machine, then you can go directly to the Ubuntu’s boot options by pressing the “e” button. Using the root shell prompt from the Grub menu, you can reset the password on the machine. By encrypting the system, Linux can prevent users from resetting the password and accessing the system. In such cases you require to use the encryption passphrase to access your system.

Reset the Password on a MAC Machine

The MAC OS has a built-in password reset tool that can be used to reset the password. The password reset option is available in Recovery mode. To reset the password, you have to restart the machine and go to the Recovery mode by pressing the Command+R while booting. Now select the option “Utilities” and from there select the option “Terminal” and enter a new password. The administrator can prevent users from accessing the Password Reset option. To prevent password reset, enable “File Vault disk encryption” and keep your password in recovery mode.

Reset the Password on a Chrome Machine

If you are using the Chrome OS, by resetting your Google account password, you can reset the Chrome password. If the system is not allowing you to log into it, then boot the system and reset your forgotten Chromebook password using the Powerwash feature in the Settings screen. Now, you can log into the Chromebook using the newly created password. Remember, that Chromebook will erase all the existing data from your device. However, you can access all the data online as Chromebook is synced online.

Resetting the Password on an Android Device

After you have entered the wrong password or pin code multiple times, the screen will be locked. By clicking on “Forgot password,” you can reset the password by entering the Google account information. If you do not have this information, then there are other ways to unlock the Android screen. If the USB debugging is enabled, you can do a password reset by connecting the device to your computer and debugging it. You can also use the option “Factory Reset” to enter a new password and unlock the device. But this option reverts the device to factory conditions, erasing all the data.


By following the steps given above, it is easy to reset the password on every operating system.

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