How to install TWRP Recovery on LG G5 (H850) [Guide]


As the debate over whether installing a custom recovery image over the stock recovery image is better continues each day, there are many people out there who rely on a custom recovery to grant them root access. It is true that there isn’t always an option to choose from whether to install a new recovery or not if your rooting guide is dependable on the custom recovery image itself. But when there is a choice it usually comes down to if you plan on installing any custom ROMs or not and what way you prefer to root an operating system. Anyone who is less philosophical stance and who doesn’t mind what recovery they are running can root using the steps using the guide below as its the only way that is available at the comment to root the European G5 smartphone.


  • You must first unlock the bootloader on the LG G5 H850 smartphone before you can attempt to install a custom recovery on the device using this guide.
  • You must have a computer that is running a version of Windows operating system for the ADB and Fastboot in our guide to work. You can find ADB and Fastboot out there available for other operating systems like Linux and Max, but you will need to use unique commands from the command prompt as well as download the correct version of ADB to your computer if you need one of those alternatives.


  • You will need to have the ADB and Fastboot still set up on your computer from you unlocked the bootloader in the previous guide. Those who have deleted it already can install it again and then come back and begin this guide.


  1. Download the TWRP Recovery custom recovery file for the European G5 smartphone from here.
  2. Extract the custom recovery file so you can see the recovery image file and then transfer all the contents from the custom recovery folder over to the same folder as your ADB so everything is in the one directory.
  3. Connect the European LG G5 smartphone to the computer with the USB cable.
  4. From within the ADB and recovery folder, hold down the Shift key and right-click the background where it shows you nothing but the shade of white.
  5. Choose to open a new window here from the new menu.
  6. Type the command “adb reboot bootloader” to get your device into the bootloader mode.
  7. Type the command “fastboot flash recovery twrp-3.0.2-0-h850.img” to flash the custom recovery on your G5 handset.
  8. Type the command “fastboot reboot” and as soon as your device reboots to normal mode, hold the hardware key combination for the recovery mode so it first-time boots directly to the recovery mode.

In conclusion, that is how to install TWRP Recovery on the LG G5 H850 smartphone from Europe. We recommend you boot directly to the recovery mode, so the stock recovery does not override your custom recovery. Now you can boot back to normal mode and then boot to recovery any time you wish. Moreover, you can now follow the guide to learn how to root the European LG G5 smartphone so you can start installing all of those apps that need the necessary root permissions over your operating system to run.

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