How to hide pictures and videos in Android [Tip]

android 1Even though most of you use an Android phone, a vast majority are not aware about how to hide the pictures and videos on your Android device. It helps in protecting our personal pictures and videos from misuse. Here, we are discussing how to hide the pictures and videos on your Android device.

Hide the Pictures and Videos using the KeepSave Vault Tool

KeepSave Vault is an application that can be used to hide the pictures and videos on your Android Smartphone. After installing the app in your Smartphone, when you launch the app for the first time it will ask you to sign in. Using your email id, you can log into the app. Once you are logged in, using the KeepSave Vault app, you can hide the pictures and videos. The app will ask you to enter a PIN for unlocking the app to see the hidden pictures and videos. After installing the app on your Smartphone, when you go to the KeepSave Vault, the application would have already created a few default albums and also a Trash folder where the deleted albums/pictures will be kept. It is just like the Recycle Bin in your computer. The already created folders include “Main Album,” “Documents,” “Health and Fitness,” and “Cards and IDs.”

Keep all the sensitive pictures and videos that you wish to protect in the Documents folder. In the Health and Fitness folder, you can keep other related files. In Cards and IDs you can store information about cards and IDs that you wish to save in your mobile. Each folder will display the count of the total images that is inside it. If any unauthorized person enters and tries to access this folder, he will not be able to see any of the images and videos.

KeepSave Vault is full of features aside from the ability to hide the pictures and videos that are useful for users who are concerned about security. Using KeepSave Vault, you can send pictures to other users. Those users will have only 20 seconds to see the image and after that, the image vanishes from the screen. KeepSave Vault is an easy to use, user-friendly app that can be installed on your Android Smartphone to hide the pictures and videos. The user-interface of the app is easy.

Compatibility of KeepSave App

The KeepSave application can be installed not only in Android, but also works well in an iOS. KeepSave app is available for free and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. There are two versions of KeepSave App. One is for free, which suits around 50 mobiles, whereas there is another version that is premium that can protect more than 50,000 photos and videos at a time.


Protecting your photos and videos on your Smartphone is a concern for all users. It is always recommended that you should not keep any confidential or important pictures and videos in your Smartphone, keep them on your desktop and have multiple copies of it stored on an external hard disk. With the help of KeepSave Vault, Android users can now hide the pictures and videos and protect them from being misused.

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