How to root T-Mobile LG G5 on Android 6.0 Marshmallow [Guide]

LG G5Rooting the LG G5 for T-Mobile subscribers is the only way to make use of every app available out there. You might browse the Google Play Store sometimes and try to install an app only to be met with a message on the screen telling you that this app cannot run on this device because root is required. Well, that root message is the same rooting we are about to do here, meaning once you complete this guide, you are then able to install those apps that are telling you they need root access to run. Some of those apps are the most powerful apps out there to own because a great many of them need full system access before they can do anything substantial to your internal system.


  • The following guide is intended to root the T-Mobile version of the LG G5 smartphone and doesn’t pretend to be rooting any other. Make sure you find the right guide for your device because flashing the wrong files on your phone can brick it down.
  • You must have installed a custom recovery on the T-Mobile LG G5 smartphone before you can follow this guide to root the handset.


  1. Download the SuperSU version that is tested to root the T-Mobile LG G5 smartphone and have it waiting on the desktop.
  2. Download the Disable DM and have it waiting on the desktop.
  3. Do not extract the SuperSU or the Disable DM archives.
  4. Connect the LG G5 smartphone to the computer with the USB cable that you usually use to charge the battery.
  5. Copy the SuperSU and DM files over to the internal storage SD card on your smartphone and keep them both at the top level of the SD card so you can find them later.
  6. Reboot the LG G5 handset by pressing the hardware button combination for the stock recovery mode and it will boot up your custom recovery since you installed that already, and it has taken over from the stock recovery partition. (The hardware button combination you need to press and hold to get that done is the Volume Down and Power buttons simultaneously).
  7. Once you can see TWRP is loading, choose the Install option from the main Recovery menu and then browse through to the SD card and upload the SuperSU file.
  8. Follow the on-screen commands to flash the SuperSU file.
  9. Tap on the Install option yet again and this time, upload your Disable DM file.
  10. Choose the option to reboot the system from the Recovery menu once both files have been flashed.

In conclusion, that is how to root T-Mobile LG G5 smartphones by using an updated version of the SuperSU application and the Disable DM archive from your custom recovery. Now that you have successfully unlocked the bootloader, flashed a custom recovery and rooted the LG G5 smartphone from T-Mobile your options are about as plentiful as they will ever be. You can check out one of the many free root checker apps from the Google Play Store as soon as your smartphone reboot from the recovery mode, and it will let you know your root status.

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