How to use Google Translate inside other apps [Tip]

gtGoogle Translate just introduced an excellent feature that allows people to use Google Translate inside other apps. Even though there were many stories about Google Translate being hacked and lack of security in it, Google went ahead with allowing Google Translate inside other apps. Now, anyone can use Google Translate to connect to other apps that are running in their Android or iOS Smartphone and translate the content.

What is Google Translate App?

Google Translate App is a service offered by Google for translating words, phrases, sentences and web pages from one language to another. It can be used to translate more than 100 languages. In addition to text, it can also translate speech, videos and images. The Google Translate app uses the OCR method to capture the text from the images and translate them. The Google Translate inside other apps can be considered your “personal interpreter.” The current version of Google Translate App is compatible with the iPhone, iPAD and also with the Android Smartphone.

How the Google Translate Inside Other Apps Feature Works?

If you are using WhatsApp or any other application and want to translate the message sent by one of your friends, it is easy to do using Google Translate. Just tap on the message and select copy. When you press copy, it will translate the message. A pop-up window will be displayed with the translated message.

Steps to Use Google Translate Inside Other Apps

  1. The first step is to install the latest upgrade for the Google Translate app in your Smartphone. To update the Google Translate app, go to the Google Play Store and search for the latest update of the Google Translate app.
  2. Once you are done with updating the Google Translate app, the app will automatically ask you if you need to enable the latest “Tap to Translate” feature. Press “Yes” to enable the feature.
  3. You can also enable this option by going to Google Translate. For this, go to the Settings and tap the “Tap to translate” option and from there tap the “Enable Tap to Translate” The Google Translate inside other apps works perfectly with message apps like WhatsApp.

Using Google Translate App in the Offline mode

When used in an iOS Smartphone, Google Translate App also works in the offline mode. Google Translate inside other apps in the offline mode supports up to 50 languages. You can set the Google Translate App easily to work in offline mode by going to Google Translate App and hitting the arrow that appears next to a language. It will download the offline pack for the language. Next time, when you need the Google Translate App to translate in offline mode, using the downloaded local directory you can easily do so.


Google Translate App is a great app to have. Using the Google Translate App, you can translate any text message between many languages. Most of the apps that we have in our Smartphone allow the Google Translate app to translate the text content from English to any other language specified by the user. We can now use Google Translate inside other apps, anywhere there is selectable text.

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