How to disable Samsung Galaxy apps notifications [Tip]

samsungDisruptive notifications can be an annoying experience for the Samsung Galaxy user and if you are one among them, you have probably wondered if there is a way to disable the Samsung Galaxy Apps notifications. Samsung is aggressively promoting the Samsung Galaxy products and one way of promotion is through notifications. Notifications are useful but, in most cases, for a common man it is a headache. If you are a person who does not wish to receive notifications, then you can easily disable the Samsung Galaxy Apps notifications. There are some disadvantages of disabling notifications which a person needs to know before going ahead with the decision to disable the Samsung Galaxy Apps notifications.

Steps to disable the Samsung Galaxy Apps Notifications

  1. In your Samsung Galaxy phone, launch the Galaxy Apps Store.
  2. Secondly, tap the “More” button.
  3. Select the “Settings” option.
  4. Under the Notifications section, disable the “Push notifications” option.
  5. Next, disable the “App Update Notifications” option too.

Now, all the app related Samsung Galaxy Apps notifications will be disabled in your phone.

If you do not wish to disable all the notifications, but only the notifications from certain apps, then you need to go to that specific app and disable the notifications.

Steps to disable the Samsung Galaxy Apps Notifications for Specific Apps

  1. From the Home screen, tap on the Apps icon.
  2. Go to the “Settings” option and open your phone’s settings.
  3. Just click on “More” to view more settings.
  4. Under the System Manager, tap the option “Application Manager”.
  5. Now under the “All” section, it will show all the applications that are currently installed in your Samsung Galaxy phone. Now, select the app that you want to disable notifications for.
  6. Once the app is opened, under the Details section, uncheck the option “Show notifications.” This will disable the notifications for that particular app. Like this, you can disable the notifications for those apps that you don’t wish to receive any notifications.
  7. The Samsung Galaxy phone will show a prompt message indicating that you will not receive notifications when you disable the notifications for the app. Press OK button.

If you need to enable notifications again, then you need to repeat the same steps up to Step 6 given above. In the Apps Details section, check the “Show notifications” checkbox and press OK button when the prompt message is displayed. So, depending upon your needs you can enable and disable Samsung Galaxy Apps notification in your Smartphone.


Apps notifications can sometimes become a nuisance, especially, when you are doing some urgent task on your Smartphone. Now, with the steps given above, it is easy for you to disable the notifications. You can also disable the notifications for a particular app in the Samsung Galaxy Smartphone. You can also enable the notification when a new version of the app is available and after installing the new version you can again go and disable the Samsung Galaxy Apps Notifications to avoid scams and advertisements.

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