4 best Android screen filter apps to help prevent eyestrain [Tip]

androiThere are a number of screen filter apps for Android Smartphone users. Recent studies have proven that the exposure to light especially during the night can cause serious issues to health. Most Smartphone’s emit blue light, which can cause sleep disorders. So when you use your Smartphone during the night, it emits blue light that makes your brain think it is day time. Blue light will suppresses melatonin hormone creation. Melatonin is the hormone that helps your body to fall asleep. Lack of melatonin hormone can also causes some types of cancer. Therefore, it is very important to use screen filter apps for Android to help in reducing the amount of blue light produced from the Smartphone.

There are a number of screen filter apps for Android that are available in the play store. We have listed the top four screen filter apps for Android for you to choose from.

  1. F.lux – Screen filter apps for Android Smartphone: F.lux (preview, root only) is one of the most popular screen filter apps for the Android Smartphone. Even though it is no longer available in the Apple app store, F.lux is still a very popular screen filter app for iOS. F.lux works well with rooted Android versions of Lollipop and Marshmallow. F.lux offers some unique features for users. The app provides a number of lighting options depending upon the time of the day. The app allows you to set the theme based on the time. One of the options is a Darkroom option. In this mode, the text will be displayed in dark red on a black background. This mode is useful during the night as dark colors are less bright and this helps you in getting to sleep.
  2. Twilight – Screen filter apps for Android Smartphone: Twilight is a great app for Android users who like to have an excellent screen filter app with straight forward options and features. This app allows the user to set the dim and intensity setting. Based on your time zone settings, the app will adjust the screen filter automatically.
  3. CF.lumen – Screen filter apps for Android: CF.lumen is another great screen filter app that gives a tint display to your screen. Here, you can set the automatic option for applying the screen filter based on your time zone. CF.lumen provides you with numerous options to tweak the screen. CF.lumen allows you to switch on and off the filter from the notification bar. You can also configure the app, so that it will automatically start when the device is started.
  4. Bluelight Filter – Screen filter apps for Android Smartphone: Bluelight Filter is another popular and easy to use screen filter app for the Android Smartphone user. This App offers you various dedicated tabs for filter settings, app settings, scheduling and for home-screen settings. Bluelight Filter is a very easy to use app that can be installed easily in your Android Smartphone.


If you are an Android Smartphone user and have problems with the blue light emitting from your phone, especially during the night, you can install a screen filter app from the range of screen filter apps for Android available for download from the Google Play store.

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