How to watch Hulu on Ubuntu and other Linux distributions [Tip]

huluUsing modern Linux distribution, Hulu doesn’t work correctly. If you are using a Google Chrome then Netflix will work just fine. While Netflix “just works”, Hulu will not as it has become old. Hulu will work on Linux, but you have to change something to improve the working.

This was not much harder back then. Time was there when it was difficult for the users of Linux to use Netflix and Hulu offered it’s user at that point a desktop application of Linux. The application is no more there for desktop users. Hulu depends on for its function on Adobe Flash, but the DRM code of Adobe Flash doesn’t work well on Linux.ubuntu

As Hulu depends on old DRM code of Adobe Flash that needs a library of Linux named as HAL. The library is not installed in latest Linux distributions by default, and this is now outdated. To function the HAL based DRM on your Linux, you have to download and install the compatibility package for that.

To watch Hulu you have to use the Mozilla Firefox browser as it will not work on Google Chrome.

Install Flash for Firefox on your Device:

Install the Flash Player plug-in for Firefox to watch Hulu. If the flash player is not installed on your device, then you will be unable to watch Hulu.

Using your Linux distribution’s software repositories, you can install the flash player.  Make sure that you have installed the Flash plugin that is developed by Firefox or Mozilla etc.

Install the Old HAL Library on the Device:

When you have installed the plug-in of Flash player on Firefox browser, then move to Hulu’s site and try to play a video. But when you try to play it you will see an error message on your screen saying “there is a problem in playing this content.” Hulu will ask the user to make sure that the HAL package is installed on your device. Erase the flash cache of your device and reset the license files.

Now install the complete HAL package from the known circle in Ubuntu named as Zombie HAL PPA.hulubuntu

The Martin Wimpress provides you with software that has everything you require to play the protected content without the complete installation process of whole HAL layer. You have to add PPA provided by Martin Wimpress to your Ubuntu system to install the software on your device. Open the window and type in the commands and press enter after each command. The commands will add the PPA, downloads the package information and installs the HAL library to your device.

When the installation process is complete then browses Hulu in Firefox and try to play the video again, and it will play now instead of displaying any error message.

If the problem of error message is not resolved yet then closes the browser and restart the browser and if it persists then restart your computer and try playing the video.

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