New features that makes Mac OS X unique [Tip]

Mac OS X is an operating system. It is a development platform for multiple development technologies like UNIX, JAVA and Carbon Runtime environments and a host of open source Web, Scripting database, and development techniques.

An operating system is a program that creates an interface between the user, software, and hardware. There was a time when computer Operating System’s interface was narrow. Their source code was not visible to everyone and no one could make changes at an individual level.  Therefore, we were not able to write code efficiently and were not able to modify the elements in other words. Besides, nowadays we cannot have operating systems that can work as a platform for other languages or can be used as a host for other scripting languages. On the other hand, Mac OS X is best among all of other systems and come with the following technologies.mac-os-x

Features of Mac OS X:

No doubt, Mac OS was earlier version, and now MAC OS X is available which comes with certain new features:

Aqua GUI:

Aqua is a graphical user interface for MAC OS X which provides water like a theme. Moreover, the reflections, transparency and droplet like elements make Aqua GUI a unique and eye-catching interface.

Spatial Anti-Aliasing:

It is a technique which reduces distortion aspects when representing a high-resolution image at low resolution similarly photography and audio distortions are also decreased in this technique.

Color Sync:

Color Sync facility provides the user with several ways of color matching. So by using these methods color perceptions became better.

Uses of Mac OS X:

MAC OS X is widely used operating system and has a desktop on which you can have icons for folders documents and files but like Windows OS, it does not have a start menu instead of that bar it has another menu bar known as Dock. The Dock is the most available bar because all of our shortcuts and other documents folders and stacks are there in Dock you can just click its icon from the dock and open or execute it you can also close the app by right clicking and clicking on quit currently running apps has a blue indication on dock bar. Also, it has many advantages over other operating systems.

Many programmers recommend the use of Mac OS X because of its secure and fast use. It is available in small volume and can summarize the long tracts. You can also manage your queue faster than ever, and it also provides an option for better screen grabs.Screenshot 2016-06-26 22.52.58

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