6 ways to decrease Android data usage [Tip]

androidHave you been searching for a way to decrease Android data usage? If you are someone who uses mobile Internet data, then you would have experienced a situation wherein you receive a message from your data provider stating that you are about to exceed the data usage for the month. Whether you have a 2 GB plan or a 10 GB plan, the chances of receiving such messages from your data provider are high. But with a little tweaking, you can decrease Android data usage. The steps are discussed below.

6 Steps to Decrease Android Data Usage

  1. Google Chrome’s Data Server: If you are using Google Chrome as the web browser in your Android Smartphone, there is a feature called Data Server, which takes only two minutes to activate. Go to Settings > Data Server. Now, turn on the service. By turning on this feature in your Android Smartphone, Google Chrome will reduce the size of the browsers and the images that are viewed in your Android Smartphone. When the size is reduced, less data will be consumed.
  2. Reduce the streaming quality: If you are someone who watches a lot of videos from YouTube, Netflix, or Snapchat, then all these apps have an option to decrease Android data usage. If you are not too concerned about the quality of the video or the audio, then, reducing the streaming quality of the video or the audio helps you to reduce the consumption of data usage. Apps like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram also have the ability to reduce the quality of videos and audios.
  3. Remove Facebook App: If you have trouble with your mobile data and want to control the usage, then one way of doing so is by removing the Facebook app from your Smartphone. Facebook app consumes a lot of mobile data compared to other apps. The mobile version of Facebook uses less mobile data, so to decrease Android data usage try the mobile version instead of the Facebook app.
  4. Synced Service Management: If you enable Google Account in your Android Smartphone, then Google will also enable various other services connected to it like Google Fit and Google Keep. You can control this by going to the Settings app and selecting accounts and from there go to the Google account. Now, disable those services that you don’t require with your Google account. By disabling these services, you can easily decrease Android data usage.
  5. Restricting background data usage: You can prevent your Android Smartphone from executing background processes when your mobile phone is locked or not in use. There are various applications like your email, Facebook etc. that use mobile data to refresh the page even when your phone is locked. To prevent this, go to Settings > Data Usage> and tap on the menu button and select “Restrict Background Data.”
  6. Store audio and videos offline: Rather than watching them online again and again, it is better to download your favorite movies, videos and music and save it in your Android Smartphone. This will help to decrease Android data usage.


Decreasing the Android data usage should be a top priority for any Android user as no one wishes to pay more money for their Internet usage than absolutely necessary. By following the steps given above, you can easily decrease Android data usage.

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