How to avoid WhatsApp viruses, scams and hoaxes [Tip]

whatsappOften, WhatsApp users come across a number of viruses, scams and hoaxes in their WhatsApp messenger. Each day, hackers are trying new methods to hack your phone by creating newer viruses, scams and hoaxes. Here, we discuss about the common attacks on WhatsApp and methods to avoid them.

Common Viruses, Scams and Hoaxes that Should be Avoided

WhatsApp Premium and WhatsApp Gold

One of the latest WhatsApp viruses, scams and hoaxes that are spreading is WhatsApp Premium. If you have received an invitation to upgrade to WhatsApp premium edition, then do not click on the link to upgrade. It is a new virus designed by hackers to hack your Android or Windows Smartphone. There is no such version named WhatsApp Gold. When you receive such messages ignore them completely and delete them from your Smartphone without clicking on the links.

Hoax Emails About Missed Calls

Another of the viruses, scams and hoaxes that are making the rounds is sending emails asking you to click on the link from the email received. The email states that you have a missed call or a missed voice message from one of the contacts and asks you to click on the link to view the details. If you click on the link, the virus will infect your mobile and your data will be at risk. Don’t fall prey to such foolish messages. WhatsApp will never contact you outside WhatsApp, so never get into those traps. When you receive such emails or messages, remove them permanently from your Smartphone.

Sending Chain Messages

Other viruses, scams and hoaxes that are common now-a-days is a message stating that you need to forward the message to 10 or more people from your contact list. It is stated that if you fail to do so, then your WhatsApp service will close down. There is no truth in this message, it is just another hoax email that you should completely ignore and remove from your Smartphone. Such emails are sent by hackers in hopes of hacking your Smartphone.

Message from the CEO

Similarly, there is another hoax message that is making the rounds. It says the message is from the CEO of WhatsApp and asks you to send the message to all people from your contact list. Otherwise your WhatsApp service will be terminated. It also says if you fail to send the message, then your account will be inactive and to reactivate it, you will have to pay Euro 25. This is just another hoax message sent by hackers. When you receive such messages, just remove them from your Smartphone as they are completely false.

Inactive Users Will Be Charged

Another common scam message that is seen is a chain message that says if you are an inactive user, WhatsApp will charge you for each message sent from your Smartphone. So, to prove you are an active user, you are asked to send WhatsApp messages to 10 contacts from your WhatsApp. This is just another scam message that is trying to spread false news and hack your mobile phone.


There are many viruses, scams and hoaxes that are spreading through WhatsApp. You need to be careful when you receive emails from an unknown address. If you don’t recognize the email address, never click on anything in the email, no matter how legitimate or tempting it may be. This will help keep your Smartphone free from viruses. Enjoy free WhatsApp service and use common sense to keep yourself away from viruses, scams and hoaxes.

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